Rails Craftperson

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate polyglot web developer to join our very small and productive team.  Our distributed nature means that all team members telecommute.  

You will be working with the front- and back-end. Our size means your voice will be heard.  Your code will be used by real people solving real business problems.  You will likely be exposed to customers.

We write our code in Rails 3.2 and look forward to 4.0.  Node.js is also shaping up to be in our future.  On the front-end we love jQuery, CoffeeScript, Backbone.js and SASS.  We hope you do too.  We try to incorporate third party services when and where we can.

With the autonomy our developers have comes responsibility. Our QA processes heavily depend on automated test harnesses.  We use RSpec, Cucumber and Qunit to mitigate regression risks and keep the application maintainable and flexible.

You need to be passionate and inquisitive about all aspects of our application.  Our relationship with our application is akin to our relationship with our kids.  Your ability to make level headed judgment calls is as important as your coding skills.  Being confident in your strengths and knowledge is as important as being aware of your weaknesses and ignorance.  We realize this can be hard, but our team demands it.

Object-oriented web development experience is necessary. Experience with git or hg is almost a requirement.  If you aren’t experienced with Rails, you must be willing to learn and excel at it. Experience with DevOps is a plus.  We are interested in caching (memcahce/redis) experience in Rails and graphics/UX skills.

Please share your Stack Overflow answers and GitHub repos to help our evaluation process.

We are a growing start up.   We have an aversion to TPS reports and unnecessary meetings. We believe happy developers engineer great code.  We know that quality trumps quantity and expect our team members to believe that too.