Project Manager in Agile/Scrum (Remote 1-2 days per week)

Veritis Group, Inc.

Must have experience as PM in Agile/Scrum environment.

Roles Details:

Technical PM will interface with the technical leads - there is one assigned to each system that the project will interface with, not to mention an additional lead assigned to any outside parties (i.e. outside of AI - e.g. Digital or third party vendors). The TPM's main co-pilot, the Business PM, will be operating on the business front, he will work together with the product manager, business analyst, content designer, conversational engineer, project sponsor and stakeholders. This initiative will also have a scrum master assigned to it. And that person will be responsible for holding the daily scrums, of which you will be expected to attend if your schedule allows.

Looking for:

  • Strong Project Management experience
  • Be a Charismatic leader, optimistic thinker, and visionary with an analytical mind
  • Great communication skills and diction (she looks for energy on the phone-not monotone)
  • Interest in AI/quick learner
  • Easily adaptable to a fast-pace environment
  • Strong personality, while not polarizing
  • Someone who can see the big picture and help drive processes.
  • Be able to describe what specifically you contributed to different projects and your personal accomplishments

Srikanth Baradwaj | Senior Resource Coordinator | Veritis Group, Inc.

1231 Greenway Drive, Suite 1040, Irving, TX 75038

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Email: | | A Certified MBE

VMware Professional Partner | Oracle Gold Partner

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