Back-end developer (who isn't afraid of the front-end)


We’re a startup turned app development shop. Our small, growing team partners with non-technical founders to design and build innovative new products.

We’re not out to build the next Snapchat. Instead, we create beautiful, niche software tools for B2B startup founders that can grow into profitable companies. We work on a handful of new projects every year across a variety of industries – tackling challenging problems to make “boring” software feel sexy.

Last year, we made $260,000 in revenue as a company. This year (with your help) we’re on track to make over $350,000. Our clients’ products have been used by brands like Dropbox, Lyft, the NFL, Red Bull, Yale University and more.

Who we’re looking for

Talented back-end developer

We’re looking for a talented backend developer to take the lead on two new projects. We use Django on most projects but have also used Flask and Node as back-end frameworks. If you’re fresh out of college or a code-school, then this probably isn’t the right fit. Someone who’s in a junior role and is ready to take on more responsibility or is more senior, but loves working on a small team could be a great fit. 

Familiarity with an opinionated framework

Experience with an opinionated framework is a must. But if Django isn’t your cup of tea we’re open to working with Rails, Phoenix, etc.

Willingness to help out with front-end

Because we’re a small team working on a wide variety of projects, you’ll have to be comfortable jumping around and learning new skills with us. You don’t have to be a unicorn. You do need to be willing to step in and help out on the front end. 

Excellent communication skills

Communication is the key to just about everything in life, and this job is no different. We value communication skills over intense experience building scalable applications.

Other qualifiers

If this sounds like you, then consider applying! You’d be a great fit if:

  • You are comfortable working with an opinionated framework like Django, Rails or Phoenix.
  • You’re able to make smart architectural choices and balance the trade-offs that come with building a Minimum Viable Product.
  • You’re comfortable shipping updates almost every day and tweaking things as you go rather than polishing a feature until it’s perfect.
  • You can write well-tested and documented code.
  • You’re not afraid of JavaScript and front-end frameworks.

We’re based in Charleston, SC and would prefer to find someone who is here or willing to relocate. But we are open to working remotely with the right candidate.

What it’s like to be a Kritter

You’ll be a human, not a number

While we’re not perfect, we are crazy-passionate about creating a great place to work. We’re striving to build a culture that’s respectful, kind, supportive, and challenging. You won’t just be a number here, you’ll have a measurable impact on the direction of the business.

You’ll enjoy the perks of a startup AND a balanced life

Working here is like working at a startup without the roller coaster. Or at least a much smaller, more manageable rollercoaster. We have flexible hours, a dog-friendly office, and a mini-fridge full of LaCroix. But we don’t expect you to be here until 10:00 every night. After breaks, meetings and life, we expect everyone to get in about 6 billable hours in a day. We don’t have unlimited vacation, because we want to make sure you actually use your vacation days. 

You’ll be a part of an inclusive, transparent company

One of our goals is to build a more diverse company. To us, this means diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and national origin. We strongly believe in building an inclusive workplace where everyone feels safe and invited. We are also a fully transparent company. We share our finances, salaries, pipeline and more.

As developers: 

  • We’re focused on hitting business goals for our clients. Not building for building’s sake. 
  • Design is core to everything we do; development often yields to design.
  • We use opinionated frameworks, so we can spend less time building the same old crap and more time focusing on what matters.
  • We write our code as if we’ll need to hand it off at any moment. That means tests, documentation, and lots of comments.
  • We’re not perfect. We’re always learning and getting better.

You’ll be part of an engaged team

Every day at 4:00 we have a standing meeting where we check in and make sure we’re staying on track. Each week we have a team meeting where we look at project management, our finances, and the pipeline. Once a month you’ll have a one-to-one meeting with Andrew (our CEO) where you’ll look at your goals, progress, and be encouraged to give us feedback.

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