Sr. Backend Software Engineer (NodeJS, PostgreSQL, AWS) - Remote


Job Description is hiring a senior backend software engineer to join our software development team of 4 (Currently 2 BE, 1 FE, 1 Designer)

Tech Stack: Node, Postgres, ExpressJS, React.js, Docker, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS

Seniority Level: Mid to Senior level (5 Years Minimum)
Location: Local (Columbus, OH)
Job Type: Permanent
Role: Sr. Software Engineer
Compensation: Competitive compensation
Industry: Software
Company Size: 15

Company type: Private (Founder & VC Funded)

Communication Type: Here at Seamless, you need to be able to over-communicate and be highly collaborative. We push code daily, change roadmap weekly and are iterating very fast. To accomplish this successfully, communication is critical.

Required Work Hours: Full-time working business hours required. Occassional tendency for weekends and nights, it's a startup what did you expect? But you will love what you do and the team you are working with!

Demo Day Video:

Demo Video: &v=-cB4N4o2CyM

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About Our Engineering Team:

The engineering team at Seamless is a small, remote, over-commuicative, nimble and powerful full-stack team of 3 engineers, 1 PM and 1 Designer. We are now looking to add another Senior back-end software engineers to the team!

We value simplicity in both our code and our UI. We don't believe in bloated teams or overly architected code solutions; we opt for small, nimble well communicative engineering experts that work well together, iterate fast, push commits daily and achieve more as a high-powered bad ass software dev startup team.

This role will advance our cutting-edge data search engine and social profiling platform. We are looking for energetic, passionate developers to build scalable backend microservices, APIs and database structures using Node / Express / PostgreSQL / AWS etc. We're a small team, so you'll have the opportunity to work on virtually all aspects of the software and have a direct immediate impact! You should have a proven track record for solving large problems related to big data, single-page web applications, large relational databases and scaling high availability architectures. Most of all, you should share a love for programming and a passion for big data!

We're looking for people who will thrive in a startup environment. You will be at the core of every new feature, every product decision, and every touch point of our users. You will not be micromanaged and have full autonomy to design the architecture and engineer the features / products for scale. If you are a problem solver and enjoy having the ability to think creatively with your code, you would love being on this team.

In terms of background, in short, startup experience as well as experience working with large data sets will be a major benefit to become a core asset on the team.

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • 5+ years experience building highly-available, scalable and modern Javascript web applications.
  • Expert knowledge of modern back-end development and back-end JavaScript (Node.js, Express, Postgres), frameworks
  • Experience working with front-end JavaScript (React.JS), HTML, & CSS, including libraries and frameworks.
  • Startup Experience or experience with developing fast, iterating fast and pushing code commis fast to get MVPs to get out the door in an effort to continuously validate a plethora of features. We don't want to work with engineers that over-architect solutions - we are building and launching features in days not weeks or months.
  • Experience and passion for building big-data products. We are building a search engine and professional network intelligence platform so data is at the core of our product and you will be at the core of working with data on a daily basis.
  • A firm grasp of Computer Science fundamentals including object oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving and complexity analysis.
  • Strong knowledge of asynchronous programming patterns and service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions.
  • Design, Development, and implementation of scalable and performant backend microservices.
  • We have a service-oriented architecture. We have a single client facing platform supported by around 9 other services, an internal API to connect them, and an external API for partners. It allows us to keep codebases smaller, optimize more specifically, and explore new technologies with isolation.
  • Creating PostGreSQL database schemas that represent and support business processes to support hundreds of millions of records
  • Solve complex near real-time web engineering problems
  • Passion for building backend technologies that have the power to positively impact millions
  • Regularly (and often frequently) shipping quality finished code - working in an MVP format is key
  • Creating full features, relatively unsupervised
  • Value autonomy and ownership of your work
  • Self-motivated engineer with the ability to work well with a small team of highly-driven / entrepreneurial Developers
  • Willingness to go beyond the standard "9-5." This is a startup, we're all working hard as possible to achieve massive success. We love what we do, and often find ourselves working nights and/or weekends to get the job done.
  • Possess innate passion for coding, software development, and big data!
  • Experience developing APIs
  • Experience developing Chrome extensions a plus
  • CRM integration experience (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc) a plus

Why We Think You Should Work With Us:

  • You have full autonomy to build an amazing product that impacts thousands of companies and professionals in a multi-billion dollar industry
  • has an unmatched company vision, mission, product and team
  • You will become part of an amazing culture with compassionate leadership and smart teammates
  • You will work in an inclusive work environment from leadership to individual contributors, with valuable impact coming from everyone on the team
  • You have direct one-on-one access to your manager every week. Guaranteed.
  • You will work with many amazing Developers and have opportunities to learn and teach everyday
  • We pay well, although we're a startup and will probably not be the highest paying gig out on the market. If you want to make a great living building something that changes the world with people you love to work with...Seamless is the place! And if you want the ability to directly impact your future on a growing team, this is the place!
  • You'll advance in a high-growth company, building a high-traction product, in a high-growth industry
  • You will get to work on challenging projects using modern technology and frequently ship real code to production
  • You will unlock more of your potential here than you will anywhere else

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