Full Stack Web Developer - PHP - Multi tenate - SaaS, Partial Remote


Job Description

Join this small team and extend our disruptive Martech platform

We are the spinoff of a well-established company and while we have over 100 clients, we are a startup.

​Full Stack Web Design & Development (PHP with Laravel)

  • Mult-tenate SaaS
  • UI development (JavaScript, HTML/CSS)
  • Backend Development (PHP & MySQL)
  • Restful API development (Twitter, Facebook, Google and others)

Required Expertise includes:

  • Desire to work with a small team (3-5 colleagues) in this dynamic environment.
  • 4 years or more web-based software architecture & development
  • 3 years or more commercial PHP development
  • 2 years of more with Laravel
  • JavaScript (jQuery, RequireJS is preferred)
  • Ability to develop front end pages utilizing HTML & CSS
  • Agile
  • Interest in learning our domain
  • Experience interacting with external clients
  • Git (Branching, Merging and Committing)
  • Green card or US Citizen

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