PHP Developer Circa £40,000 (Flexible) Sheffield, 3 Days Remote

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PHP Developer Circa £40,000 (Flexible) Sheffield, 3 Days Remote Working

Skill Requirements: PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, 3rd Party API's.

The Company:

The company are based in central Sheffield and offer a 3-day remote working week (generally in the office Monday and Wednesday).

With the team currently sitting at 10, the company's niche is to analyse online traffic, matching advertisements most appropriately to the audience, which will bring in the highest earning per click. You will get to work on these microservices, being innovative and creative to make things even more efficient.

The System:

The tech stack that they're currently using is PHP7.2 + Memcache + Redis + MySQL on the backend and loosely based around Backbone on the frontend.

The backend is split between the core application that handles the incoming clicks and runs the algorithm and the APIs that power the frontend apps (link insertion, offer insertion, traffic analytics and admin etc.).

Upcoming Projects:

The dev manager has spent the past 10 months completely refactoring the core application and getting some structure in place. He's just started restructuring the API code and it's turned into a much bigger job than he had hoped (lots of technical debt / data restructuring). They're now looking for someone to join the team and initially take over this part of the codebase and complete the refactor project, as well as dedicating some of your time to the core application. After the restructure, you will have enough domain knowledge to work directly with the dev manager, supporting him in implementing further features and API's to the system.

They have tried to keep the PHP code as lean as possible, so have written their own framework code to encapsulate the data modelling and API serving patterns that were repeated all over the existing API code. The company are very open to looking into and experimenting with different ideas that can be brought in to improve what they already have in place and are ideally looking for someone who wants a large amount of input into all future technical decisions.

As a team of 10, the scale they work to is outstanding, and they are hard-fought competitors to some of the most well renowned companies in the world for this sector.

The team get together for 2 days a week in the Sheffield based office, but all work remotely for the other three. So, all in all they offer a flexible environment, friendly team and a very interesting system/project to sink your teeth into.

For company details, please submit your CV or contact Adam - Chassam Recruitment.

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