React Native / Ruby on Rails Engineer


React Native / Ruby on Rails Engineer

At Fullstack, we are looking for a passionate, talented and experienced software engineer with experience with React / React Native / and Ruby on Rails to join our small team of dedicated software and product development enthusiasts. You will have the opportunity to work on a diverse set of innovative products and applications. We are a distributed team across the United States, so remote working is how we roll.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive the holistic development of our mobile and web applications, from architecture, to coding, to deployment.
  • Build mobile and web applications using React Native + Redux, and Ruby on Rails
  • Take ownership in developing and improving all aspects of our stack (development, testing, CI, automation, and architecture)
  • Deploy to the web (usually Herok, iOS and Android (Apple App Store, Google Play Store)
  • Writing functional, well-tested code.
  • App layout and user interface development
  • Designing and engineering features that deliver value to the people who use them. This means collaborating closely with the entire team (designers, product managers, etc.)

About FullStack

Our mission is to make our clients incredibly successful by developing and improving ideas into highly functional and usable web applications. Our team has become renowned in our ability to bring creativity, expertise, and sound development practices to notable and ambitious startups. Our development work focuses on architecting and building new applications as well as scaling existing apps for our clients as they grow.

Let’s Have A Chat If You…

  • Have developed React Native apps using Redux and Expo that communicate with Restful APIs, use local storage, network data synchronization, native components, and user authentication.
  • Have similar experience working with web application development using Ruby on Rails, and the associated technologies (HTML / CSS / SASS / JS).
  • Know your way around database systems, including Postgres, Sqlite, Redis, and MongoDB
  • Understand and have experience making decisions about web and mobile application architecture, including data modeling, networking and data synchronization, and concurrency.
  • Are competent with developing application interfaces for multiple device types (mobile, desktop, etc) based off of mockups.
  • Strive to automate everything you do - from sending out builds to running tests.
  • Have an appreciation for the peace of mind that comes with well-tested, documented code.
  • Are excited by the web and keep up with new technologies and that excitement is infectious.
  • Communicate well with others in both written and verbal forms
  • Are self-directed and able to manage your time effectively
  • Value work / life balance, and enjoy working in a laid back culture on interesting applications with a like minded team.

You'll Get Bonus points for…

  • iOS or Android development experience using Objective-C, Swift, or Android
  • Experience working with an agile / scrum-based development model
  • A BS or MS in Computer Science or, Math or another analytic discipline
  • Previous history of working with a remote, distributed team
  • Significant contributions to or ownership of open source projects (please do tell!)

Other information about this position

  • Working remotely is how we operate
  • This is a contract position, with up to 40 hours per week
  • We offer competitive hourly rates based on experience
  • Work visa transfer or sponsorship is not possible at this time
  • We are looking for people located within the continental United States
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