Frontend Developer - Remote Position

American Cybersystems, Inc.

Remote Position

This opportunity will allow you to work with a global, cross-functional, product-driven team. You will

be a core member of our frontend team, building user interfaces and functionality for a variety of

different customers.

Our Ideal Candidate has:

● At least 2+ years experience with Javascript framework

● Polymer/ Redux/ React Native Experience

● Familiarity with using JIRA

● Contributed to open source projects (Nodes.js knowledge preferred)

● Experience with Amazon Web Services, or other cloud providers

● Ability to multitask and prioritize multiple incoming requests

Role Responsibilities:

● Develop and maintain features for the Client Platform

● Implementing client side code in line with mockups provided

● Testing code written using well known frameworks

● Handling codebase for our Progressive Web App

● Continuous Integration & Deployment

● Handling native app codebase written in React Native/Redux

● Understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements

● Work with stakeholders to define the best solutions to development problems and business


● Set deadlines and communicate often about progress toward those goals

  • provided by Dice Polymer/ Redux/ React Native
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