Back-end dev with NodeJS, Postgres and AWS Lambda functions experience

64 Interactive, LLC


We’ve got a long-term, React Native project which has a Node backend using Postgres built on AWS (using their Lambda functions) . The next step for the app is to add authenticated users. This would be your first task.

We, the front-end devs, have been working on building out the UX for a magic-link flow and will need your help to integrate the necessary server-side work to store and authenticate new users.

Aside from this though, the project will have on-going, part-time back-end work and we are looking for a long term relationship where the dev would ultimately own the entire server-side codebase.

Required Skills

  1. NodeJS (It was currently written in ES5 and we’d be interested in porting it over to ES6). 
  2. Postgres 
  3. Experience with AWS Lambda functions
  4. Excellent communication. Showing up to meetings on time and the ability to clearly articulate deadlines, their progress, any blockers, etc. is absolutely critical.
  5. Ability to take the reigns and self manage. 
  6. You’re passionate about JS and working with front-end devs
  7. You’re a fun and nice person to work with


  1. Work where you want, when you want.
  2. You choose your rate.
  3. Relaxed timeline/environment. Even though we ask you to estimate your timelines, the ball is in your court. I can honestly say this is one of the greatest clients I’ve ever had and I’ve been in this business for over 15 years. We have a very relaxed dev environment and intend on keeping it that way. Very low stress.
  4. We also have a QA guy who takes his Slack emoji collection very seriously
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