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Sr Software Engineer Evangelist - Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix

Join a growing and innovative company - Ruby on Rails, Elixir in production

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Sr Software Engineer will develop operations solutions by guiding development of program specifications, overseeing testing efforts, role building modern api-driven web and mobile systems.

Build apis and web-apps using Ruby on Rails and Elixir that handle complex data models and state efficiently, while having great architectural design to manage complexity.

About You:

Hey -- please let me know if you have any interest in helping to build an education/community within our growing company. We need an Evangelist!

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related, required. Master's Degree, Preferred in CS or Information Technology or related
  • Minimum of 5 years of related experience.
  • Experience in a TDD environment and a preference for strong testing.
  • Technically strong in and enthusiastic about backend systems and solid software architecture.
  • Experience with Rspec/Minitest/Cucumber.
  • Sees things from a user's point of view, and figure out the best system flow to implement requirements.
  • Has deep experience in Ruby on Rails.
  • Interested in and has some experience with Elixir/Phoenix.
  • Willingness to grow your experience and involvement in Elixir/OTP based services.
  • Solid experience in Javascript.
  • Solid experience with automated build tools for continuous delivery (like Jenkins, TeamCity etc).

  • HTML/CSS knowledge

  • Understands how to debug hard problems in HTTP, XHR, JSON, CORS, SSL, S3, etc.

  • Willing to get involved in some front-end work in Javascript/React

  • Deep Javascript knowledge and modern Javascript framework knowledge would be great.

  • Has Basic Linux/Unix CLI knowledge.

  • Working source code control (git) knowledge

  • Ability to debug and consider performance and memory leak issues.

  • Debugging/profiling at the C/C++ level to analyze memory leak and performance issues

  • Experience with AWS

  • Able to reduce complex requirements and user interaction flows into solid API designs.

  • Good understanding of common architectural messaging/api patterns and pitfalls.

  • Coffeescript experience is a plus (although we are removing it from our system).

  • Knowledge of other languages is a huge plus

  • We have a single PHP system that we are sunsetting - working on moving away from that is our only PHP-related project.


  • Build apis and web-apps using Ruby on Rails and Elixir that handle complex data models and state efficiently, while having great architectural design to manage complexity.
  • Javascript/React work required (often with front-end developers, but an understanding of the stack and ability to jump in directly is important).
  • Own responsibility of technical decisions and direction for one or many projects/teams.
  • Aptly manages team demands on his/her time and shows willingness/ability to delegate technical execution or responsibilities when appropriate
  • Act as a liaison or primary point of contact for communicating with client side technical expertise.
  • Direct technical aspect of operations related to escalated client accounts or high severity issues as they affect or confront a project or team.
  • Attends to both business and technical considerations when designing solutions to project/team or company related issues.
  • Demonstrates interest in improving the company's technical awareness, depth and use of technology across the business.
  • Participates in the evolution of company level best practices, standards, and policies as it related to software development.
  • Provides thought-leadership as it relates to emerging technologies
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