Graphical User Interface Developer



The Bathe Laboratory at MIT ( is seeking an experienced cross-platform Graphical User Interface (GUI) Developer for immediate part-time contractual employment. The goal of the GUI is to facilitate the design and visualization of DNA-based 2D and 3D molecular objects as implemented currently using the web-based applications:


Position Summary:

The successful candidate will design and implement the front-end GUI that will be built on top of a set of back-end command line interface binary files written in Python and FORTRAN 95 to enable user the design of 2D and 3D DNA-based molecular objects. The GUI will allow for import of geometric CAD files, visualization in 3D of the input CAD objects, execution of back-end compiled command line scripts, molecular and other visualization of intermediate design files resulting from the back-end scripts, and integration with the Open Source software caDNAno ( for design file editing in the same GUI. The programmer will work closely with the academic developers of the back-end software. Molecular visualization tools that the developer is ideally familiar with include UCSF Chimera, VMD, and the RCSB PDB.



  • Design and implement a stand-alone, cross-platform (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) front-end GUI built on Qt and OpenGL for visualization purposes and execution of back-end software
  • Design target intermediate aims for software development and quality control, including a timeline for implementation and validation
  • Scope the extent of the GUI development project within a prescribed budget
  • Work closely with an academic team to design, implement, and test the GUI across platforms


  • 3+ years experience with professional GUI development
  • Expert knowledge of Qt (C++ or Python) and OpenGL
  • Experience with cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) GUI development
  • Excellent communication and planning skills for project design and implementation
  • Experienced task-managed approach to software development
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