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We have been retained by our client, a start-up company in Plano, Texas, to deliver a Senior Software Engineer (100% Remote) with excellent C# backend skills, (preferably MongoDB, and Azure or AWS and any Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) like NServiceBus, but anything close, i.e. message queuing is fine, middle-tier C#, REST API, Inversion of Control or Dependency Injection, and some software build knowledge). Work remotely, and attend two (2) developer meetings a week in Plano / North Dallas, Texas area off the N. Dallas Tollway. We need someone available to start soon, but we are willing to wait for the right candidate.
As an architect / senior software engineer with leadership and architecture experience, you will be part of and lead a multi-discipline team where meaningful collaboration is highly valued. Your responsibilities are rooted in the design and implementation of applications visible to both customers and employees. This position requires good interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to solve complex problems, and applicable technical experience. This is an opportunity to contribute to the entire design and development a complex, multi-tiered system, and sites, in a logical, cohesive way, using a rational thought processes, as well as creating maintainable code. You will need to state your case as to why you picked the object oriented designs or technologies you select, and how it makes sense to use it.
You will be responsible for developing innovative solutions for streamlining customer / dealer inventory and enhancing the online shoppers experience. The platform consists of a suit of REST APIs for handling large volumes of geolocation data and servicing mobile and web based applications as well as third party integrations.
A successful candidate will have a clear understanding of OOD principals, the ability to write meaningful unit tests, effectively communicate and work with team members remotely. They use Microsoft Test (MS Test), and Team City. (both MS Test and Team City are not required skills).
Required Work Experience:
* Minimum 3 years in a hands on Architect / Senior Software Engineer role (Someone who has been making decisions on what OOD to use, as well as resource contention, not just a coding but understanding OOD design patterns, and definitely coding C#.)
* Previous experience in a team lead role.
* Minimum of 5 years of middle-tier development in C#.
* Minimum of 2 years of REST API development experience
* Experience writing unit tests. MS Test is a preferred skill; by the way, you can use TDD if you so elect. The team would probably prefer you use TDD, but this is not required. You can make that decision yourself.
* Production use of MongoDB in a clustered environment and document design/indexing strategies. If no MongoDB, then any document-type NoSQL database. If not document-type NoSQL skills, then any NoSQL database is required. The desire is to find someone with the C#, .NET, and any service bus experience and the MongoDB experience.
* Distributed system experience using a messaging framework like NServiceBus (currently the message queuing is not high enough for handling things in a distributed manner but their will come a time when NServiceBus will probably be implemented, other examples of message queues that could apply to something like NServiceBus are RabbitMQ, MSMQ, Azure Queues might be used. A good understanding message queueing is required.)
* Production experience working with Azure or AWS (using Azure)
* Production experience with IOC Containers Dependency Injection AutoFAC StructureMAP Castle Windsor are all examples of skills that are attractive, but not all of this is being used. So you need Dependency Injection or some Inversion of Control Container experience.
* Dev Ops Experience at least the ability to grasp how to do a build will be required soon in the position.
* Ability to create new projects and administer (i.e. TeamCity, or similar) You will eventually take ownership of the build process, and they currently use Team City, but you can learn Team City after you start work. Team City skills are preferred, but not required.
* Experience using Octopus Deploy is a plus.
* Creating VMs and deploying apps to Azure (a couple of VMs have applications running on them. Complete deployment is not required. The ability to create a build is required.)
* A "work from home" office with internet.
Desired Work Experience:
* MongoDB, Mongo or any other NoSQL database (Firebase, Cosmos, DocumentDB, NoSQL, others)
* Load Testing Experience is a plus.
* Experience working with Angular, Prototype, React or jQuery, JavaScript libraries or frameworks on the UI are a plus.
* Experience with Geolocation Algorithms (triangulation, pin pointing via multiple phone service) is a plus.
* Google Mapping API, Google Map API is a plus.
* Auth0 Identity Server, or other i.e. OAuth2 or others, are a plus.
* Minimum of 2 years of SQL Server and ability to write basic queries, stored procedures and views. SQL Server is plus, but not required.

Immigration: US citizens and those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor H1b candidates at this time. No third parties, no consulting firms, no agencies.
Employment type: Contract
Compensation: per hour
Location: WORK REMOTE 100% client is in Plano, Texas
2 meetings a week in Plano, Texas, late afternoons to early evenings.
On conference call every
in the beginning only 5-10 hours a week, but it can go up from there.
Contract Duration: 3 months (90 days) + extensions + direct hire possible.

Please apply with resume ( MS Word format preferred).
You may also apply with your Linked In Profile and your resume on this page:

Please call to inquire or to follow up on your resume submittal - provided by Dice C#, Prefer: MongoDB (or any NoSQL DB), Azure or AWS, any ESB like NServiceBUS, message queuing, REST API, IoC, Dependency Injection, autoFAC, StructureMAP, SQL Server, Team City

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