Full Stack Engineer (Ruby)- Swiftype


We are hiring software engineers to join our Swiftype core engineering team and work on our search platform and products that power hundreds of millions of queries a month.

_ To be considered, please include a short note as to your qualifications for this great opportunity! _

What You Will Do

  • Build next-generation search products to help our customers effortlessly find the information they need
  • You will write flexible systems to efficiently and quickly consume a multitude of datasets
  • Improve, maintain, and scale the Swiftype search platform and help create a tighter integration with Elasticsearch
  • Create internal tools to help our sales and support teams guide our customers to success

Our Team Style

  • You will join a small team of generalist engineers who work across the entire software stack
  • You work well collaboratively and enjoy growing and learning together
  • You are not afraid of hard problems, but are pragmatic about what you spend time on
  • You will help us to deliver new functionality frequently and safely

Technologies I n Use

  • Ruby, JRuby, and JavaScript
  • Rails, Resque, jQuery, React, and Redux
  • Elasticsearch, MySQL, MongoDB, Kestrel, Hadoop+Hive, and Redis
  • Grafana+Graphite+StatsD, Nagios, Sentry, and New Relic
  • Nginx, Unicorn, Puma, and HAProxy
  • Chef, Jenkins, Slack, and Git

Required Skills

  • You possess excellent practical judgement. You should know how to effectively allocate your time when solving hard problems
  • Experience with or ability to learn the technologies we use
  • You are able to take complex product goals and efficiently deliver working software in logically consumable pieces

If this sounds interesting, we would love to hear from you! Please include whatever info you believe is relevant: resume, GitHub profile, code samples, links to personal projects, etc.

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