Lead Technician

Parklink Development Limited

Role: Lead Technician [Remote]

Parklink Limited seeks a skilled, motivated, bilingual (EN, FR) candidate to fill the position of remote Lead Technician.


Parklink Development Limited provides RFID duplication devices to locksmiths and security professionals.

We currently have over 2000 devices deployed and 250,000 badges copied per year. As we greow, we are seeking a skilled & motivated remote lead technician to assist with software development and technical support.

We are a highly optimised / lean company. The successful candidate will have the ability to work autonomously on a constantly evolving product and rapidly expanding client base. You will work on a real product that is used by thousands of people daily. You will be challenged to write and maintain clean, optimised code for such an environment.

We are not another boring SaaS company. We create, manufacture and deploy real hardware on a global scale, with back and front end code managing it all. You’ll have a chance to get your hands onto hardware, software, development and deployment. If you’re driven, curious, and a hacker at heart, this position is for you.

The successful candidate will interface with our distributors (Europe and Australia) to rapidly and professionaly troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues they may encounter.


As a lead technician, your tasks will be divided into two categories:

  1. Development
  2. Support

Development tasks include:

  • Maintaining & Developing the API & Administration services [PHP / CakePHP]
  • Maintaining & Developing machine software [Python]
  • Maintaining & Optimisation of the Database

 Our frameworks are under GitHub source control, with a CI environment for staging and production.

 We will provide necessary development environments (VirtualBox environment).

Support tasks include:

  • Interfacing with our Distributors’ technicians for escalated technical support tickets.

 Support resolution tasks will include:

  • Preliminary verifications via the backend system
  • Remotely connecting to machines (via SSH)
  • Direct contact with the machine’s owner to troubleshoot
  • Machine troubleshooting and repairs

Our support framework is a hosted ticket environment, allowing consolidated ticket management, escalation and resolution.


Technical skills required: 

  • Python 3 [Fluent]

    • QT / PySide Experience Bonus
    • Ability to write, respect & maintain unit tests
  • PHP 5/6/7   [Fluent]

    • OOP (PSR-1 & 2) Obligatory
    • CakePHP Experience Bonus
    • Ability to write, respect & maintain unit tests (CodeCeption, PHPUnit)
  • Git/GitHub competancy

    • Fluent with Git, respecting & maintaining development procedures (issue branch, code review, pull request, merge, etc)
  • Database (Mysql)

    • Query optimisation for high load environments
  • High Traffic, High Availability Clusters 

    • Experience with distributed server clusters and writing highly optimised code for high-load environments
  • Linux Familiarity

    • Intermediate configuration & administration tasks (SSH, Bash, etc)
    • Rasbian Experience Bonus
  • Hardware Familiarity

    • Raspberry PI
    • Serial / UART
  • NFC Familiarity Bonus

    • 13.56 (Mifare, libNFC, etc)
    • 125KHz (T55, EM4XX etc) 

Personal Skills:

  • Languages:
    • English & French
    • Fluency in written + spoken required in both languages.
  • Personality:

    • Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently over email + phone to clients
    • Ability to work autonomously & self-motivate
    • Ability to integrate into an existing team & structure

Time Requirements:

  • This is a full time, remote position (8 hours per day, 5 days per week)
  • Working hours are flexible in order to provide support to EU / AU timezones.
  • Reachable during work hours via phone


  • 40000EU per year
  • 2kEU Hardware Allowance
  • We will provide all training required
  • We will provide all hardware necessary (Devices, parts, badges, etc)
  • Skype Pro account will be provided
  • Flexible time off: 25 Paid Vacation days + 11 Paid Public Holidays

What we need:

  • Your updated CV
  • A brief email explaining who you are, why you fit the position, and how your experience is relevant.
  • A link to your GitHub/GitLab account
  • An overview of your side projects that you work on / contribute to
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