Senior Javascript Engineer - Canvas- Leading Open Source Company


Kibana Canvas is a new data presentation, manipulation and communication application on top of Elasticsearch. Canvas is wildly flexible, enticingly extensible and plain fun to use. It’s as beautiful as you make it and we want YOU to help make it more flexible, more beautiful and more fun.

Are you an inspired Javascript developer who wants to add to Kibana Canvas? We want to meet you. Do you hack together really cool looking data stuff with code? Sweet, come on down! This job is for a creative, self-motivated, developer that relishes a challenge and thrives in an autonomous environment. If you want to know more about it, check out the Canvas sneak peak from Elastic{ON} 2017. The Canvas stuff starts around 1h28m.

You absolutely must have

We might not have a lot of requirements, but we have high standards. You’re joining a team of people who look out for the long term so we weigh all of what you bring: your knowledge, your experience, your passion. We need to know you will arrive ready to make an impact and engage actively in decision-making.

Strong JavaScript programming skills

You have been doing this for awhile. You can explain why you do what you do, and you’ve informed your views from your own long history of diverse experiences in building, maintaining, enhancing and sunsetting products.

A curated portfolio of impressive work that you can share in your application.

Don’t have one? Here’s your chance to create one! We want Canvas to impress an audience, and we want you to impress us. We need to see the things you’ve built, hands on and completely. Screenshots will work, demos are better. Code is cool too. Maybe you can’t share everything, but share all you can. This is your resume. This is your first impression. Make it count.

Give yourself a better shot

Surface this stuff in your portfolio and you have a much better chance

  • Experience with some MVC style JS Framework. We use React for most things
  • Operational experience. You’ve been in a paging rotation. You can explain what you’ve personally done to make the thing ring less often.
  • Experience with BI tools. You’ve used them in anger to tackle a real problem.
  • Open Source experience. You’ve engaged the community, reviewed pull requests, triaged tickets and stayed up late helping someone because you know they really need you right now.
  • You’ve built complex data visualization and related tooling. You can explain the underlying model and why it works how it does. You’ve gone beyond putting charts on a webpage, you understand how people work with data.
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