Front-End Engineer


Do you have what it takes to be Zaengle’s next Senior Front End Engineer?  Our engineers help mission-driven organizations and forward-thinking companies build great tools for the other side of the screen. They also contribute to the technical community through topical writing, building products, attending events, and public speaking (if that’s your thing).

About Zaengle:

We’re fighting for something to be better—a cause, a mission, a website, a digital product. We’re Zaengle, a happy group of humans that help make projects “better” through code. We engineer medium-to-large scale websites and applications for non-profits, digital agencies, and cause-driven brands. Our mantra is “Be Nice, Do Good” and we infuse it into everything we touch. We’re committed to the highest quality work and being the nicest group of web professionals our clients will ever work with. 

We’re a small, remote team of professionals (both of which are on purpose) that has operated for nearly a decade (WOAH!). Each team member has autonomy and critical influence, which means we only hire folks who are highly motivated, accountable, and operate with the utmost integrity. We’re small and agile, which means you’ll be encouraged to develop creative solutions to problems, communicate and defend your ideas to clients, manage your responsibilities, and stay up-to-date on the latest best practices and principles. If that sounds like you, read on!


What We’re Looking For: The Most Important Things

We want to talk to you if you are:

  • Self-motivated. You don’t want to be micromanaged or have your hand held. You don’t shy away from hard work and always embrace new challenges.  
  • Self-aware. You’re confident in your strengths and aware of your weaknesses. These don’t discourage you, rather, they make you even stronger.   
  • Honest. You aren’t perfect and neither are we. Integrity, honesty, and humility are hallmarks of your life. 
  • Generous. You love helping others, sharing your expertise, and creatively giving back.
  • A genuine communicator. You may not be the best public speaker, but when you talk to clients, or your teammates, you’re clear, to the point, confident, and genuine.  
  •   A learner. When you don’t know something it’s not a roadblock — you passionately seek answers and solutions without being told to. 

What We’re Looking For: The Less Important Things

We want to talk if you are proficient in (or willing to learn):

  • Well crafted HTML
  • Modular CSS (Sass, Tailwind CSS)
  • Efficient handoff between design & front-end development
  • An eye for design fidelity and detail
  • Interactive Experiences (JavaScript, VueJS, React)
  • Experience in emerging tech (i.e. Web VR) a plus
  • Mid-level engineers may also be considered

Other Details:

  • Zaengle is a remote team with folks spread out across the US (Currently:  WI, TX, WA, NY, FL)
  • Compensation is competitive, along with paid holidays, flexible paid time off, and health care benefits
  • Additional perks include profit sharing, semi-annual “ZaengleCon” events, conference & education budget, and more
  • As we seek to live out “Be Nice, Do Good” we also provide time/budget for our team members to give back to their communities and underprivileged people groups

How to Apply:

Send live sample of your work, link to your GitHub profile, CodePen, or whatever else. In addition, we’d love to hear about challenges you faced, obstacles overcome, or reasoning behind the decisions you made. Give us a glimpse into your process!

  • Link to a blog post, article you’ve written, or presentation you’ve given in the past year on any topic.
  • What is one cause, organization, global challenge, or initiative you’re most passionate about?
  • What is one challenge you’ve faced (in work, life, anything!) and how did you overcome it?

We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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