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What is Mixtiles?

We're helping people put photos on walls. Canvas prints and framed photos are OLD products that haven't seen innovation in years. We're using software, industrial design and operational excellence to re-design the entire experience, starting from your phone. Check out our apps (iOS, Android) and our video!

Mixtiles uses a ton of software! Our manufacturing software influences how Mixtiles are manufactured. Our customer service software influences how we communicate with our customers. Our data and business intelligence software influences how we make decisions. Then of course there's our ordering backend which captures orders, processes credit cards, and in general moves photos from people's phones to their walls. We need you to own all of these systems.

You'll be responsible for the entirety of our backend development. We love simple software, simple code, fast progress, weekly ship cycles, zero stress, and high ambition. Our software is strategically critical: improving it will grow our business. You'll be shipping these improvements, and you'll feel the impact they have on the company. Because of your work, our customers will more pleased with their tiles, our marketing will be more effective, and our team will be happier.


    • You've been writing software in various forms for many years.
    • You've spent at least two years buildings backends.
    • You care about making your code simple.
    • You care about steady and speedy progress.
    • You want to help build something large.
    • You're a compelling communicator of engineering trade-offs and challenges.
    • We'll love hanging out with you, and you'll love hanging out with us. Life's too short to spend time with people you don't love.

We'll put together an offer based on your skill and experience. It will be the best offer you'll get. We take quality very seriously, and we're willing to pay for great people when we find them. You'll work from home. (Or we'll rent some office space for you if you prefer that.)

It's an exciting time for Mixtiles. We're pumped to read your application, and hope to have you on board.

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