Lead Datacap Programmer (Remote work)

Delviom LLC

Lead Datacap Programmer (Remote work)

The skill set required shall include but not be limited to the following:

  • An in-depth working knowledge as of E-Recording, E-Filing and E-Verification as it relates to specifically Suffolk County Clerk recording statutes.
  • An in-depth working knowledge of NYSCEF as it relates to the Suffolk County Clerk api's relating NYS court records.
  • An in-depth working knowledge of Suffolk County Real Property Tax Services AREIS System
  • An in-depth working knowledge of Suffolk County Clerk's Office Bookkeeping and Recording Systems
  • .Net / Visual Studio -VS 2003 and newer
  • Visual Basic 5 and 6
  • SQL - Experienced enough to write complex queries/stored procedures in either T-SQL (SQL Server) or P-SQL (Oracle). Also must have the capability to optimize the same.
  • ASP - anything from "classic asp" up
  • DataCap

Tasks to be completed.

  • Website rebuild ( )

o Data warehouse rebuild

• Web service for Electronically Recording Land records

• Rebuild of Electronic Recording website for increased efficiency and improved navigation using the Datacap tool set and best industry practices.

• Electronic Recording Level 4 verification integration

•Retrieval Applications

• Ground up rebuild to utilize new data warehouse

• Integrate Datacap Solution into the same

Subdivision map program

  • Web interface for public visibility of submission progress
  • Double blind key data entry interface

  • E-Recording

• Implement bookkeeping and processing rules for other documents

• Spreader agreements

• Consolidations

• Code a V2 design using Datacap instead of .Net

• Allow processing of scanned paper docs / checks

Integration with other departments

• Real property rebuild

• Tie to clerk system / database

• Shared services with Controller's office

• Integration with towns

• Pre-work for integration of real property and SCCO system

• Analyze all RP operations

• Eliminate any obsolete functionality

• Modify existing system to expose interfaces and data needed for future full integration with SCCO internal systems

  • provided by Dice Datacap, .Net / Visual Studio, Visual Basic 5 and 6, SQL
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