Network Technician/Level 2 (Remote work visiting clients)


Level 2 Network Technician (Remote work visiting to perform Network Refresh Project 397 sites statewide in Maine) Mileage available if over 40 miles commute. Candidates work 4 days per week (5 hours per day) Project is 12 months long. Job Description Equipment deployment, Office relocations, Rack and Stack, Configuration loading (with remote eng support), IOS upgrades, circuit turn-up and testing. CCNA or advanced knowledge of routers, switch, hardware, and office equipment. Valid license or state ID wpicture, laptop, console cable, DB9 to serial adaptor cables, butt set, varying hand tools, flatheadPhillips head screw drivers, drill wvariety of bits, cat56 patch cord, RJ-45 cable crimper, RJ-45 end modular Plugs, air card or hotspot capability Digital Camera (cell phone ok if 5 mega pix or higher) and fully charged cell phone, you can't use your cell phone as the hot spot. ContractAlex AnthonyIT Technical RecruiterICSTThe Castle (lower level), 100 Brickhill Ave, Suite CSouth Portland, ME 04106Phone Fax email web http

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