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We enable brands to connect and speak directly with consumers around the globe and in real-time. At our core, we're a technology company with a mission to democratize the multi-billion dollar market research industry. Funded by Unilever Ventures and other private investors, we are bringing the traditional, long, and arduous process of conducting market research into the digital age through our online, video conferencing platform. Today, we're trusted by many of the world's leading brands, including Unilever, PepsiCo, Danone, Nestle, and Mondelez, among others.


• Founded in 2012 to make on-demand market research available to companies of all sizes.

• Employee: 40 Employees Globally

• Funding: $7,307,000 from Unilever ($62B Consumer Package Goods Company) Ventures.


We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help us design, evolve, and scale our SaaS video conferencing platform to the next level. This opportunity combines cutting-edge AWS Cloud Services, deployment processes, videoconferencing (WebRTC) and 3rd party service integrations to deliver a unique offering with a great mission of helping people connect with each other. And we're growing at over 100% YoY!


• We are a startup. We use cutting-edge technology and not encumbered by big-company process and inertia. We can just get stuff done.

• We are a rapidly growing team of customer obsessed individuals and are headquartered in the lovely neighborhood of Fremont, Seattle.

• We have solid revenue, solid funding, repeat Fortune 500 customers and 100% YoY growth.

• We place a lot of value in knowledge sharing, so being a team player is a must.

• We value work/life balance, efficiency, simplicity, innovation, and freakishly friendly customer service.

• We offer interesting and challenging problems to solve, independence, as well as opportunities to learn and grow.

• As a part of our team, you'll be able to clearly see the impact of your work and have a voice in decision-making processes.


• Create a feature-rich API based on JSON API for our customers to leverage all the functionality of our platform.

• Help us decompose our monolithic PHP app and scale horizontally - create new micro services in Node.js.

• Enhance our Kinesis-based event processing architecture for real-time service monitoring.

• Leverage ML and AI services to extract insights for our customers from our video platform.

• Expand our video post-processing capabilities.

• Apply your knowledge of WebRTC and VoIP services to build a globally reliable and performant videoconferencing platform.

• Enhance our existing authentication services to support Single Sign-On (SSO) for our customers.


• You have the intuition to know when to call it "good enough" and ship, and when to put in the extra time to polish.

• You strive to find clean solutions to complex technical problems.

• You go above and beyond to help your team.

• You enjoy being in a culture that recognizes the value of tests in reducing long-term maintenance costs.

• You feel a strong sense of ownership over your work and are confident enough to admit and fix your mistakes.

• You are a motivated and talented craftsperson: always looking to sharpen and adapt your skills.

• You are hands on, naturally inquisitive and excited about building things.


• 5+ years' relevant software experience - preference given to roles at a startup(s).

• Development experience with Java, Node.js or PHP preferred, but not essential.

• Experience building large, high-scale web applications.

• Excellent TDD and test automation skills.

• Experience working in a continuous integration and continuous deployment environment.

• Experience deploying solutions in highly available, low latency networks, preferably using AWS.

• Strong UNIX/Linux fundamentals.

• Proven track record of defining/building/shipping engaging software products.

Company Description A global industry where demand is forecast to rise 7.7 percent per year to $120 billion in 2019. The company located in Alameda was founded by two pioneers within the industry and is backed by top-tier venture capital firms. Under their guidance, they are creating vast strides within their product, in fact, creating a 10-15% increase in an industry where growth is unheard of.

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