100% Remote Genesys Developer

Advantech Solutions, Inc.

100 remote work 6+ month contract Role description This person will be working on migration of old legacy code to new platform. This client has Genesys as their prime vendor for implementing their call center solutions and as part of that they have been building all routing solutions using iRD which is legacy code that has been there for a while and most of the clients and companies use that. This client wants to migrate from old IRD to new Composer which is an eclipse based plug in. we will use this tool to write applications and we will be deploying it. We have a bunch of routing applications that need to be rewritten using this new composer tool. Responsible for migration, writing new code, giving demos to the team bcos some of these functionalities need to be written differently to be able to work with this new framework on the new platform. Migration project is in initial stage. One of the main call flow is complete which most of the line of business use but there are lot of other applications (mail and chat) that need to be migrated. Required skills Composer ORS (Orchestration server)

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