Linux+/LPIC Certification Course Writer Job Description (Remote)

Linux Training Academy

We are looking for an individual with Linux skills and experience writing tutorials and courses. Essentially, you will be writing scripts that will be read, performed, and recorded by another instructor. You will not record videos, but instead only provide the written content for the videos. You will be provided a 1-hour training on how to write the tutorials and courses so that it s consistent with our other courses and tutorials. Your first assignment will be to write a script for a short tutorial. For a 10-minute tutorial, expect to write about 850 words. Next, you'll be asked to write an entire course. Our average course length is 4 hours which roughly equates to 20,000 words. The time required to write a 20,000 word course varies by individual, but know that it is a significant time commitment. We prefer someone in a United States time zone. You must speak clear English and have excellent grammar skills since writingcommunication is the main requirement for this position. Also, you must be self-motivated and able to complete tasks on time without constant supervision. Duties and Responsibilities You will be responsible for writing an entire course. We are looking to create a course on becoming Linux+ LPIC certified. Description of duties and responsibilities At the start of the project for the specific course, we will agree on a timeline for completion. You will be able to get feedback if you have questions as you go. Knowledge and Skills Minimum of 2 years of experience with Linux. Ability to explain complex technologies simply, using plain language. Linux+ or LPIC certification required. Additional Linux certifications, past or present, is a plus. (RHCE, RHCSA) General knowledge of other areas of IT. Extensive current knowledge of the Linux platform. Ability to write technical documentation in a clear and concise manner. Self-motivated and works independently and as part of a team. Demonstrates problem-solving skills. Able to learn effectively and meet deadlines. Must pass a background check. Compensation Depends on experience and skill set. This is an independent contractor position so no benefits are paid and you are responsible for your own taxes. This is also a project based position rather than an ongoing position. Commitment The initial commitment will be to create a tutorial and the time involved is an estimated 1-2 hours. However, writing an entire course will take much longer. In our experience, it can take an estimated 40 to 100 hours to write an excellent course. We cannot provide an exact time commitment as it varies by individual. Of course, the more experience and expertise you have on the topic, the quicker the process will be. How to apply Deadline to apply is March 22, 2019. . Once we sort through the information we will contact you if you are selected for the next step.

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