Front End Web Developer - Remote

Front End Web Developer - REMOTE

  • Experience with JavaScript-based solution, mostly using native JavaScript solutions or low level technologies like JQuery.
  • Working experience with ECMA Script 6, along with preparation for working with ECMA Script 7.
  • Previous experience with online mapping technologies such as Google Maps and Google Earth.
  • Working knowledge of system administration on Linux/UNIX, including interface configuration, routing, and OpenVPN.
  • A thorough understanding of security concerns related to Internet application development, particularly one focused around web technologies.
  • Ability to design basic interfaces with minimal instruction by taking use cases and interviewing stakeholders to produce requirements, milestones, and a project schedule.
  • Ability to manage the ongoing effort with periodic reviews of work in progress with stakeholders.
  • Previous experience designing and working with RESTful APIs using JS
    • provided by Dice Javascript, ECMA Script 6, ECMA Script 7, Google earth, Google maps, Restful, API, MSSQL
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