Product Engineer


Why this job is important:

At Zaarly, we are fixing what is broken in local home services by building great tools and providing exceptional service to local businesses and homeowners. In order to scale to new markets, we are productizing a lot of our manual operations and making big leaps toward making our applications more useful, usable, and delightful.

Working with a small team of very talented engineers, designers and operators, you’ll play an important role building an incredibly unique, local marketplace. We’re a small company and a tight-knit team working on problems no other business has solved – everyone on the team is mission-critical. Read our handbook for more about how we work.

We are only interested in win-win arrangements with local small businesses. We never sell ads or leads, and we don’t require contracts or commitments. Zaarly only makes money when we deliver real value to the businesses who partner with us, and we work hard to do exactly that every day.

Our Team:

There are currently 13 of us. 10 in Kansas City and 3 more spread across the U.S. We’re a small team that, in some ways, really feels like family. Which sounds like a giant cliché, but whatever  – it’s the truth.

As previously mentioned, everyone is mission-critical. We don’t hire until we absolutely have to. (We need you fam!)

We’re pretty intentional about focusing on performance more than perception. We don’t have set work hours. We don’t have a vacation policy. We are really transparent about what we’re working on - nothing is sacred and everyone’s opinion is welcome. Zaarly is a place to produce, not a place to hide.

Our office is situated in the the same kind of neighborhood our Service Providers do lots of work in. Sometimes we take midday walks in that neighborhood. We have 1-1 meetings on the swingset at the park down the street. We roll over to Chipotle or BRGR and have lunches together. We laugh a lot – probably more than you are used to coworkers laughing together.

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What you will be responsible for:

  1. Building features that small business owners, real estate agents and homeowners rely on daily. There are so many interesting problems to solve around building and maintaining trust, creating efficiencies for different kinds of small, local businesses, creating transparency in the market – the list goes on and on.

  2. Collaborating with our designers to understand our users and guide product decisions. UX doesn’t stop with prototypes. Ultimately every one of our users will interact with code you’ve written, so we hope you care deeply about their experience.

  3. Improving our codebase. Our team constantly strives to be more and more intentional about writing less code, refactoring pain-in-the-butt files, and circling back on those ‘quick fixes’ that should have received more attention than they shipped with.

How to know you are right for this job:

  • You’re an experienced developer who is comfortable working across the full stack of a modern, well-tested Ruby on Rails application. In addition to Rails (5.1!), we work on Postgres, ElasticSearch, CoffeeScript, Sass, Turbolinks, and Rspec. And Chipotle. Like, an embarrassing amount of Chipotle.

  • You have 2-4 years of professional experience, including at least 1 year working with a product team on a web app with real users.

  • You’re a life-long learner and a student of your craft – both teachable and eager to teach in order to improve our product team.

  • You love technology and are excited about working on and maintaining a clean code base.

  • You are able to either work at our main office in Kansas City or travel here every couple of months for some face time with the rest of the team.

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