Developer Advocate


Our mission is to help people everywhere build and deliver software at the speed of imagination. As a developer advocate at CircleCI, you will have extensive influence over our voice, content, community building, and ecosystem.

This is a position for engineers who love connecting with developers and speaking publicly about developer productivity and team success on conference panels, at user groups, on blogs, in docs, and internally. Your work grows and sustains the large community of developers who rely on CircleCI as a fundamental part of their daily work.

We are remote-friendly, and are looking for people who are passionate about helping shape software engineering best practices for the industry as a whole. While we can support a remote role anywhere, we expect this person to share part of their working hours with San Francisco. You also have the option to work out of our Toronto or San Francisco office.

About CircleCI Velocity is critical for software teams in today's competitive landscape, but maintaining speed can be difficult as apps and systems grow larger and more complex. CircleCI’s platform allows developers to rapidly release code (for web and mobile apps) they trust by automating the build, test, and deploy process. CircleCI enables developers to detect and fix bugs before they even reach customers. Thousands of leading companies including Facebook, Kickstarter, Shyp and Spotify rely on CircleCI to accelerate delivery of their code and enable developers to focus on creating business value fast.

CircleCI is a Bay Area Best Places to Work 2016 award winner. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in beautiful downtown San Francisco with a global remote workforce, CircleCI is venture backed by Scale Venture Partners, DFJ, Baseline Ventures and Harrison Metal Capital.

In this role, you will...

  • Define and scale the developer advocacy program at CircleCI
  • Be the main proponent and champion for our API Work with the open source community building on (or potentially building on) CircleCI
  • Speak at conferences on behalf of CircleCI, organize meetups, and host events
  • Monitor and respond to technical questions on Twitter, Stack Overflow, Quora, our Discuss community, and elsewher
  • Create content that speaks to our audience of developers: conference talks, blog posts, videos, and more
  • Advocate with product, marketing, engineering, and revenue teams for changes we can make on behalf of our customers -- be the chief listener, consolidater, and report-backer on issues our customers are having, what other players in the space are doing, and where we can make improvements
  • Build a partner ecosystem and work on opportunities for expanding our partner and developer ecosystem
  • Be the main point of contact, editor, and translator for the marketing team to help make sure communications are technically correct and tonally appropriate for our audience

For this job, you’ll need...

  • An engineering/CS background -- you don’t need a CS degree, but you will need to be able to create sample projects, code tutorials, and work with/on our API
  • To enjoy networking, hosting events, and speaking -- we’re looking for someone who is energized by meeting new people
  • To be self-directed and strategic: the ideal candidate will be able to set a course, articulate why that course will deliver the highest value and impact to the company, and execute on that direction
  • A deep understanding of CI/CD and DevOps more generally. You should be familiar with our product and be able to articulate _why_ CircleCI can help engineering teams be more productive, happier, and successful
  • Experience conceiving, testing, and scaling successful programs
  • A track record of hosting successful events
  • Hustle!

Bonus points if you include links to the following with your resume + cover letter:

  • Blog posts you’ve written
  • Speaker decks or videos of talks you’ve given
  • Open source projects you contribute to
  • Community groups you organize
  • Hackathons you’ve organized

We care deeply about diversity and inclusivity. We’re hiring at all experience levels, and seek talented teammates from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences who are equally committed to cultivating a work environment of respect and kindness. We carefully consider every applicant that takes the time to apply.

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