Geospatial Big Data Engineer (GeoServer, AWS, Python) **Remote Ok** -

The Syllogisteks Company

Our Fortune 500 Client is seeking a Geospatial Big Data Engineer. The ideal candidates will have experience with open source GIS tools such as GeoServer, programming skills in Python and experience with AWS. This role will be designing and building open source and cloud based systems to process geospatial data assets via an API-based platform. 3+ years of experience in GIS based systems such as OpenGeo Suite, Google Maps, MapBox and CartoDB. Experience with Raster and Vector Data Sets using PostgreSQL and PostGIS formats.

Additional Info:

  • TOP 3 SKILLS; geoserver, aws, Python
  • Option for remote candidates will be considered on a case by case basis. For someone to qualify, they need to be very proactive, have great communication skills, check back with everyone on the team on what's being done. Not everyone will meet this criteria. They will be required to travel to STL as needed and Monsanto will NOT cover those costs.
  • Not a data scientist - a lot of candidates previously submitted were data scientists.
  • Engineer is encouraged and expected to build big data systems in the cloud. Not develop new models in analytics. Partner with data scientists. They will build the pipeline to run the analytics
  • Not writing scientific articles
  • Geospatial role: cloud and open source - platform is 100% build on AWS cloud with open source technologies. Can learn a little of that on the role but they need to hit the ground running with these technologies. Does not matter which cloud platform in terms of experience.
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