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As a project technical expert for Ellucian's Banner SIS ERP, a member of the Student Information System (SIS) implementation team, and under the direction of the SIS Technical Manager, the incumbent performs systems analysis and design activities necessary to develop Self-Service and Administrative Forms and Oracle database objects for Ellucian's Banner SIS.


Meets with technical and non-technical staff in groups or one-on-one to gather and document system requirements. Skilled at conveying technical terms and concepts in a non-technical manner devoid of jargon. Refines verbally gathered requirements and determines associated business rules. Creates and updates user requirements documents and specifications adhering to policies, standards and style guide. Determines impacts of proposed implementation on existing business rules, processes and systems. Garners approval and sign-off from stakeholders and applicable parties prior to implementation.


Performs feasibility analysis when evaluating system improvements and enhancements. When applicable develops prototypes or proofs of concepts for presentation and approval of colleagues and stakeholders. Prioritizes meeting requirements via configuration changes or bolt-ons before considering a customization or change to base-system's code.


Understands and utilizes industry accepted principles of system design to develop, maintain, and enhance the Student Information System. Designs robust, flexible, configurable, table and data driven solutions to maximize extensibility and minimize future developer involvement. Insures design incorporates end-users requirements.


As part of the Student Information System (SIS) implementation team, develops and maintains Banner Self-Service and Administrative/INB Forms and Oracle objects (tables, functions, procedures, triggers, scripts, etc.) in PL/SQL for Ellucian's Banner SIS. In doing this operates as an expert on the Banner application and database architecture and possess in-depth knowledge of the Banner data model and its associated schemas, tables and database objects.


Performs data conversion activities between legacy applications, their databases and the SIS. Designs, tests and executes mapping, cleansing, transformations, exports and imports of data. Works with functional staff to understand the legacy data, gather requirements, and produce detailed mapping documentation. Analyzes data and identifies and recommends data cleansing and standardization opportunities. Creates and executes import and export scripts and programs and produces validation and exception reports.


Writes well-structured, easily readable, efficient, straight-forward code that promotes ease of maintenance. Ensures programs are secure, easily understood, well-written and thoroughly documented and commented. Develops robust, flexible, configurable, table parameter and data driven solutions to maximize extensibility and minimize future developer involvement. Possesses expert knowledge in Banner Student information system architecture and uses these skills to develop and maintains robust forms, applications, and objects. Develops easily read and efficient code and PL/SQL scripts, packages, stored procedures, functions, APIs, views, triggers, etc. Utilizes expert knowledge in data modeling, and adheres to industry standards for table design that ensure designs are normalized and enforce referential and data integrity.

Verifies that the development of new components integrate with existing components without the introduction of unwanted side-effects. Directs other developers on interfacing with objects developed and collaborates on the development of interfaces. Leverages existing code/objects to reduce duplication of common routines and algorithms. Follows system programming standards. Works closely with DBAs to monitor and troubleshoot database performance issues. Ensure developed code/scripts operate efficiently and takes corrective actions as necessary to remedy and optimize. Leverages existing database components and objects when developing new programs.


Develops multiple and varied test plans, cases and test data to effectively and thoroughly test and debug programs and routines developed. Ensures only thoroughly tested and signed-off code is checked-in and promoted following established change control procedures and processes.


Sensitive to the clients/users needs. Demonstrates appropriate professional behavior in stressful situations. Provides assistance in a timely manner. Retains security and confidentiality of information and records.


Establish appropriate working relationships. Demonstrates flexible, supportive and cooperative behavior. Function well as a team-member, and make positive contributions to the work environment.



Five (5) to ten (10) years with BA/BS OR three (3) to five (5) years with MA/MSMS or equivalent

combination of education and experience.

Demonstrated experience in a senior, technical expert role implementing and/or developing for

Ellucian's Banner Student Information Systems (SIS), v8.0 or higher.

Excellent interpersonal skills to successfully collaborate with a broad range of personnel at all

levels of the campus and within OIT with varying levels of technical knowledge. Ability to work

collegially with a variety of personalities and develop consensus.

Expert level knowledge of the Banner Student Information System architecture.

Expert level knowledge developing Banner Administrative and Self-Service pages/forms.

Expert level knowledge of Banner APIs.

Expert level knowledge of PL/SQL and experience developing PL/SQL scripts, packages, stored

procedures, functions, triggers, views, etc.

Experience designing, implementing, maintaining, and testing complex database driven


Experience working within the software development life cycle (SDLC)

Proven expertise in writing secure, well-structured, low maintenance, straightforward and well-

documented programs and code following the principles of systems analysis and design.

Proven expertise in writing code that is robust, flexible, configurable, table parameter and data

driven solutions to maximize extensibility and minimize future developer involvement.

Expert knowledge in data modeling, and adheres to industry standards for table design, data

normalization, referential and data integrity.

Proven expertise in creating Oracle tables, indices, foreign keys, constraints, etc.

Proven expertise in running requirements gathering sessions with non-technical end-users and

encapsulating gathered needs into system requirement documents and specifications.

Experience with GITHub or equivalent version control software.

Experience mapping, cleansing, transforming, exporting and importing data between systems.

Experience working with confidential and sensitive data.

Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills.

Self-motivated and cooperative work-habits.


Experience implementing and/or developing for Ellucian's Banner Student Information Systems

(SIS), v9.0/XE.

Experience with the enrollment processes at a 4-year university, preferably at a University of

California campus.

Experience implementing an ERP system, especially in a higher education environment.

Experience using Jira or other ticketing / incident management system

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