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4 Ways Hiring Freelance Professionals Can Benefit Your Small Business

4 Ways Hiring Freelance Professionals Can Benefit Your Small Business

If you keep up with business trends, chances are you’ve come across a lot of discussion around freelance workers. A growing trend throughout the global economy, hiring freelancers instead of regular, full-time staff members has the potential to help businesses simplify operations and maximize profits. But can this trend really help your small business succeed? The answer may surprise you, so keep on reading to learn more about using freelancers for your small business. 

Freelance Workers Can Become Full-Time Employees 

It’s easy to think of freelancers as temporary members of your team. While hiring temporary help can be beneficial for small businesses, at some point you may need the services offered on a more regular basis. So when you hire freelance professionals, try to keep this in mind and look for people you would welcome onto your permanent team of employees. Before you hire any full-time staffers, though, be sure you understand rules and regulations that impact you as an employer and small business owner. For example, businesses with employees typically need to pay additional taxes and ensure applicable taxes are taken out of paychecks as well. You should also familiarize yourself with state and federal privacy laws and any applicable labor laws

Freelance Job Boards Grant Access to Larger Talent Pools 

These days, companies are turning to freelance hires for a variety of reasons. Primarily, hiring freelancers allows small businesses and large corporations to access specialized skills for temporary and short-term projects. This eliminates the costs of full-time staffers but also lifts geographical limitations that could shortchange the results of these projects. Instead of relying on local talent, which may be sparse in many areas, you can use freelance job boards like Jobmote to find the best candidate for your project from a pool of workers around the world.

These sites make reviewing qualifications easy, and many offer payment tools that can also make compensating freelance workers much easier for small businesses. Plus, with so many candidates to choose from, you will have more options if your initial hire doesn’t quite fit your project needs. 

Small Businesses Can Save on Training Costs With Freelancers 

When you hire new employees, you typically need to cover training costs. Most small business owners and hiring managers underestimate these expenses, but you should know that the average cost to onboard new staff can be as high as $7,645. That’s a major expense for most small businesses and can result in a loss if that employee leaves shorty after being hired. So if your need for help is temporary, you may be better off working with freelancers instead.

Freelancers are already experts in their field and require little to no training to produce successful results for your small business projects. You can also save on payroll and administrative costs, which can be a big financial boost for your small business. 

Entrepreneurs Can Save Valuable Time By Hiring Freelance Workers 

TIme management can be a major source of stress for small business owners. In fact, making the most of working hours is ranked as a top challenge for entrepreneurs across the country. While there are tools and software suites you can use to more effectively manage your time, if you really want your business to take off, you may need to think about outsourcing tasks. This is another area where hiring freelancers can help, because you can use a virtual assistant to take care of more tedious, yet important, responsibilities. Virtual assistants can provide help answering emails, helping with expense reports, managing your schedule and just about any other daily task that seems to take up too much of your time. These administrative freelancers can be a valuable tool when you need help but don’t need to hire someone full-time. 

With a growing number of skilled professionals leaving traditional jobs for freelance flexibility, this is a business trend that is likely here to stay. So not only can using freelancers benefit your small business now, but staying familiar with the perks of hiring freelance professionals can help you stay relevant in the future. That way. you can find the temporary help you need and even potential future full-time employees. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash