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ACE Global

  • South Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX, USA

ACE Global offers excellent Benefit Assurance Services provides Group Health Insurance, Employee equity share program after three years of employment, Parking and Transit Passes, Holidays, AD&D Insurance and Support For Continuing Education, Annual Bonus and Employee Benefits both for Businesses and Individuals.

The AD&D Insurance is In the event of an accidental death, this insurance will pay benefits in addition to any life insurance giving to you by the company

The Employee Equity Share Progrm means the company will provide you with any amount which you will need after you retire from the company to setup any kind of business you want and you can payback later

You can choose if you want the Parking and Transit passes or not as its not very important, you will not have to travek with this job and yes you can continue with your education as the company will also provide for that for you Okay ?

Benefit: Advantageous for the good of both the business and individuals

Assurance: Full confidence, freedom from doubt, a positive declaration.

Services: Performance of duties, helpful or professional activity.