Liaison and Support Associate for Renegade Tour Guides (New York City)

Museum Hack

Museum Hack is looking to hire a part-time liaison for our Renegade Tour Guides to support our growing team of 35+ people in NYC, DC, SF, & Chicago.

This position is planned to start part-time (20-25 hours per week) with the possibility of increasing to full-time within estimated 6-9 months.

The perfect candidate has previously worked in a coordinator, supervisor, or management role and wants the flexibility and speed of a startup environment. We need someone who can see potential, quickly understand our quirky company, manage a large number of operational logistics, and help our dynamic and creative team members grow.

You should apply to this job only if:

  • You live in or near New York City and can regularly (at least 1x/wk) meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • You’re detail-oriented, and also a great listener and coach
  • You initiate, not just react
  • Working closely with a talented group of people makes you really happy
  • You HATE the idea of a desk job every day
  • You’re a DOer, not just a Big Thinker
  • You think museums are fucking awesome, or at least have the potential to be
  • You're cool with working the occasional night / weekend

Essential Skills

  • Fast learner
  • People person
  • Amazing ability to listen and ask questions
  • Spectacular attention to detail
  • Great coordinator of people, projects, and deadlines
  • Fun-loving attitude
  • Excellent grasp of technology

Duties and Responsibilities

  • “Eye in the sky” for our Renegade Tour Guides!
  • Liaison between Tour Guides and Chief of Staff  
  • Responsible for supporting our guides, discovering what they need to be engaged + successful, and making that happen!
  • Extra emphasis on discovery of needs! You’ll need to hear/recognize our teams needs and find/initiate the best action/solution for the situation. Also, stay organized and follow-up to ensure completion
  • Monthly check-ins with all guides and 1-on-1 meetings as needed.
  • Lead monthly remote meetings with City Team Leads for satellite locations with support of Creative Team lead.
  • Assist with guide onboarding and new hire orientation. You will be the mastermind scheduler/planner and work with a Creative Lead as your counterpart
  • You’ll work closely with Museum Hack’s Chief of Staff, Senior Operations + Project Coordinator (Oversees scheduling, supplies, projects managing, & more), and Creative Team Lead (Lead for development of creative tour + project content) to ensure guides are well supported for new projects, training schedules, etc
  • Mediate conflicts, ensure company policy compliance, encourage well-being, and generally motivate and inspire our guides


Work Environment

We are an NYC-based distributed team. Our employees work from museums, apartments, and co-working spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We meet up a few times per week for meetings, events, and general tomfoolery, but the majority of the time is spent independently producing with regular electronic communication via chat, telephone, email, etc.

Pay Rate

$18-$25/hr DOE

About Museum Hack

We do museum tours for people who don't like museums. We are based in New York City and have grown to DC, SF, and Chicago. Our corporate clients include Google, Facebook, and eBay. Museums around the world hire us for special workshops and VIP events.

Why Work With Museum Hack

  • We're doing exciting things.
  • You’ll get more responsibility and control working with us than you would at a bigger company, institution, or museum.
  • We are a meritocracy and promote success, not tenure.
  • Our tours are really fucking fun.

NO PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS:  We love that you are enthusiastic and want to learn more about the job or the progress of your application. But please, no phone calls or emails.

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