Graphic Designer (UX & UI Focus)


WisePops is searching for a skilled graphic designer with a clean and crisp style to join our team half time to start, ideally growing into a full time roll. We would like whoever fills this roll to grow into our lead designer

What You Will Be Doing

  • Refreshing, improving and maintaining our visual branding guidelines
  • Wireframing and designing new landing pages for our website
  • Working within our product to make sure it has the cleanest design and easiest to user interface
  • Creating assets (gifs and illustrations) to put our product on display

Work where, and when you want. We are a results oriented company with no office hours nor extended meetings.

Who You Are

You are a designer who is interested all parts of a web service: website, within the product itself, and the branding off the website. You have experience designing for web, working with developers integrating your work, and are an overall team player with a passion for compelling and simple design.

Who You Will Work With

You will work closely with many members of our team, depending on current needs, more and less frequently. You will work with our CEO and current designer within the product and user interface. Our Marketing Director manages the website, who you will work with on expanding (Please refer to for our current style, we wish to refresh our homepage with this look). You will be involved integration and review process to check a developer's work to insure your work is properly developed.

What is WisePops

Wisepops is the most trusted popup and conversion tool of big brands and ecommerce. Our attention to design (customers love our popup templates), ease of use and advanced features like campaign targeting and in depth reporting sets us apart from our competitors.  

We are currently developing a new editor for improved organization and ease of use along with targeting and tracking features that will continue to elevate us above the competition as the go to choice.

Who are our Customers

Nissan, NBC Universal, BlaBlaCar, Kiehl’s, BBC, GreenPeace, OfficeMax, Beauty Choice, Harper Collins and more

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