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Ushahidi is looking for a designer to lead the direction of its users’ experience and design systems. As a designer, you’d work closely with product managers, engineers, and sales staff to develop solutions to users’ problems using primarily the web, iOS, and Android.

You’d be responsible for providing iterative design direction, including visual design (wireframes and mockups) user testing and detailed description of users’ workflow and interactions with Ushahidi.


  • Collaborate with product, engineering, and sales staff to scope, prototype, design, build, user test, and release software and communication material to users.
  • Communicate design direction for solving users’ problems from concept to implementation.
  • Lead the development and implementation of Ushahidi’s design systems, including those used in products and marketing collateral.
  • Lead user testing process, from low-fidelity testing early in the design process, to high-fidelity tests to improve already-built features.
  • Manage the brand and all creative assets of Ushahidi Inc.

Why you should apply

You are a thoughtful, creative product designer with a few years of work experience and an interest in international development and social justice. After hacking away at your own projects and/or busting your chops for a while in the corporate world and startups, you’re looking to use your skills to develop software that has a tangible social good.

New cultures, people and experiences give you energy; you work effectively and efficiently on distributed teams with diverse experience across many time zones. Given the freedom to work anywhere, you are self-guided and can work autonomously. You bring empathy and effective communication to you day to day work. Chaos gives you joy, order is your satisfaction.

We strongly encourage people from traditionally underrepresented populations in tech - such as women, People of Color, People with Disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people, etc - to apply!


Minimum qualifications

  • A portfolio that demonstrates examples of thoughtful and well-executed product design.
  • Ability to present your work, as well as articulate and receive written and verbal feedback.
  • Experience with designing responsive web pages and adaptive iOS and Android applications.
  • Comfortable working in a global team committed to remote collaboration, across time zones.
  • Confident, productive, and comfortable working with autonomy.
  • Solid understanding of HTML and CSS (including Sass).
  • Experience with Git and GitHub workflows.
  • Experience doing UX studies and using user-centric design practices to design products
  • Experience with the design thinking process including effective ideation, prototyping, user feedback and implementation.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience writing complex, custom JavaScript to support (and demonstrate) progressively-enhanced user interactions on the web.
  • Experience maintaining and extending a front-end design system or style guide.
  • Experience designing in an agile software development environment
  • Familiarity with AngularJS.
  • Background in graphic design or other visual design field


About Ushahidi

Ushahidi started as an ad-hoc group of Kenyan bloggers hammering out code in a couple of days from various locations, trying to figure out a way to gather more and better information about the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya. We have since grown to be a global organization with over 30 staff in seven different countries.

Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company that builds open source platforms to help citizens, journalists, organizations, governments, and others gather, manage, analyze, and visualize crowdsourced data. Our tools have been used by hundreds of thousands of individuals and organizations fighting for social causes in over 159 countries — whether for monitoring corruption in Zimbabwe, gathering real-time data on local poverty issues, or giving people a voice in the Syrian crisis.

Everyone at Ushahidi comes to work here because we know that every day people around the world use the tools we build to improve the lives of millions. In other words, in the fight for a better world we are the Q to the 007s out there.

Our team tends to think big and rewards creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude. Over the past six years, we have also built the iHub – the tech community hub in Nairobi, the BRCK – a redesign of connectivity for the developing world, and other projects like Savannah Fund, AfriLabs, and Crisis Mappers. Our ethos – we don’t just build products, we solve problems.

Why You Might Be A Good Fit

  • Independence. The team agrees upon goals, but how they are accomplished is left largely up to the individuals. Nobody will be leaning over your shoulder telling you what to do everyday, we expect you to be able to do that yourself.
  • Team oriented. Desire to work with and support other developers in the team. We rely on team members to support each other, review each others code, and generally help each other keep winning.
  • Intrinsically motivated. Ushahidi came from Nairobi, but team members work all around the world. If all you need is a crazy a cool project, wifi, and coffee (or tea), then you’ll fit right in.
  • Ability to get things done and ship. We’d love you to write beautiful elegant code every time but getting things done matters. You’ll need to pick the right balance between doing it right and doing it fast.
  • Empathy and an interest in helping our user. A desire to work with the community and customers, dig into their use cases, and help them solve problems.

Why You Might Not Be A Good Fit

  • We pay competitively at Ushahidi, however, keep in mind that we are a mission driven non-profit.
  • You only want to wear one hat. Ushahidi is growing (25+ employees) but we take on the goals of much larger organizations. In practice this means that all Ushahidians end up wearing multiple hats and working on multiple projects. If that excites you, great! If you are set on never venturing out of your job title, you’re going to get frustrated fast.
  • You want to be in an office surrounded by colleagues. You will most likely be operating on your own unless you are based in Nairobi, where about half our team is based. If you need to come into an office and talk to your boss everyday to stay motivated, this job is not for you. Also, we give flexibility and also ask for flexibility to work with different time zones, so you’ll need to be comfortable taking meetings at odd hours.

Why working at Ushahidi is awesome

  • Open culture: Ushahidi is a place where you can be your full self and contribute in the way that’s best for you. We distribute decisions to the people who do the work, so you own what you do. And our culture is constantly evolving, with self-defined teams deliberately readjusting four times a year.
  • We reward taking risks. Ushahidi works on the bleeding edge of technology for social change, that means taking risks with our efforts. We celebrate swinging for the fences, regardless of the outcome.
  • Our goal in hiring is to find great people first, great skills second.
  • We don’t care where you live. As long as you have Internet access, live wherever you want. Ushahidi team members currently live all over the world: from Japan and New Zealand, to Nairobi and San Francisco.
  • We don’t care when you work. There are no “business hours” at Ushahidi, we are milestone based, not a sit-in-your-chair from 9 to 5 company.
  • Quality of life. Ushahidi is a place you can be your full self. Ushahidi attracts workaholics, so we all work hard to make sure everyone has a work-life balance.
  • Benefits. Take what you want vacation policy (Minimum 25 days a year), parental leave, allowance for health insurance, allowance for a co-working space.
  • We use a transparent pay calculator to determine your salary and to be fair and unbiased.
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