Senior Software Engineer


Key stats about ZeroCater:

  • Mission: We connect people and ideas over food.
  • Founded 2009, YC W11
  • $100+ million in sales (we're the market leader in our space)
  • 150+ people across offices in SF, NYC, Chicago, Austin
  • 62% female, 43% non-Caucasian - diversity makes us a stronger community
  • Recent press:


We connect people and ideas over food. Every day, ZeroCater help tens of thousands of people build healthier office communities and stronger co-worker relationships while concurrently helping small, local restaurants & caterers grow their business.

ZeroCater (founded 2009, YC W11) is a different kind of tech company. We’re a small, smart team focused on delighting our customers and responsibly building a lasting company -- and our track record of growth proves it. We're the market leader in our space, we operate in six major metro areas, and we're growing fast. We value communication, transparency, give-a-damn-ness, and a strong bias toward freedom & responsibility over big company hierarchies and processes.


As a product development team, we hold one another to a high bar. Expect to be challenged, learn, teach, and -- like all of us here -- grow in how you work, the tools/processes you use, your technical acumen as an engineer and as a mentor, and the quality and speed of your output. Growth is a part of our DNA, and you'll bring something to the table, too. Working with us means you’ll gain the confidence, knowledge, and experience you need to build and run your own product company.

What you'll do:

  • Own what you build - working across the entire stack (python on the back end; javascript on the front end)
  • Delight internal and external customers with amazing UX
  • Build microservices from scratch and improve existing microservices
  • Collaborate with and mentor other engineers on architecture, code, and process
  • Incubate and contribute to our open-source projects that magnify our team's effectiveness

Some technical challenges we're cracking away at:

  • An ML pipeline to match customers with the best recommendations
  • A predictive model for customer retention and happiness
  • State of the art web and mobile apps to give our users more power and flexibility
  • A loosely coupled microservices architecture


  • A pragmatic, customer-first mindset
  • A curious, determined, self-motivated personality (we'd love to see your side projects)
  • We love founders and engineers who have joined early stage companies
  • Fluent across the entire stack, from the database all the way up to the browser
  • 5+ years experience as an engineer with a generalist/full-stack bent
  • Advanced knowledge in either python, ruby, or javascript


When you walk in the door, one of the first things you’ll notice is the vibe of casual collaboration as teams solve problems and work over ideas at whiteboards, couches, and kitchen tables -- and probably see a puppy wandering around, too. Come at lunch and see people chatting around the tables with an amazing spread from one of our local catering partners downstairs and a yoga class going on upstairs. A few things you won’t find at ZeroCater: office politics, apathetic people, unethical leadership, sad gray cubicles, and isolated teams that don’t talk to one another.

We recognize that diversity + openness makes us better as a community so you'll also see that, unlike most tech companies, we actually walk the walk: we’re 62% female and 43% non-Caucasian. Applicants are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age,s ex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other protected statuses.


Q. What is your technical architecture like?

A. We largely work with a bleeding-edge microservices architecture. Services are decoupled and talk to one another by broadcasting events over a shared message bus. Most of our back-end services are either python/django or node.js with postgres databases, hosted on Heroku.

Q. What development environment do you use?

A. All our developers currently use MacOS, but you’re free to use whatever platform you wish. Our development environment runs in a docker container and is built with a single command line.

Q. What is your development workflow like?

A. Our typical development workflow includes committing unit-tested code to branches, creating pull requests for code reviews, automated linting & CI. master branches are always deployable. Because we’re building a robust engineering culture, these processes aren’t dictated by management -- instead, the team debates alternatives and decides on the workflows that support its objectives.

Q. What’s your engineering culture like?

A. We’re a tight-knit bunch. It’s not to say we don’t have our disagreements -- like every team, we have those too. But we live a culture of service: if you need a hand, someone always has your back. Why does a culture of service make us stronger? Because it creates stability and helps us learn from one another. Also, we often get together for dinner (outside of work), board games at lunch, hikes, and we also host poker nights for the entire company.

Q. Why should I work at ZeroCater over Company X?

A. Small team at a cultural inflection point. Thoughtful people who give a damn. Leadership with proven track records. Chunky problems you can really sink your teeth into. The chance to mentor and be mentored. A company with a proven business model. The chance to embiggen the pie for everyone.

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