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Tenex Developers

Company Description

Tenex Developers is searching for an addition to our team. We are a small shop based in New York and Boston, MA. We work entirely remotely and strive to maintain a personal, flexible, but also fast paced work environment. We have a strong belief in remote culture and agile development. Our goal is to provide top quality work for clients. We work on an extremely wide variety of projects. We take pride in working with many entrepreneurs and startups as well as established companies. We are looking for someone who is hungry and ready to learn.

Our Need

From concept to code: this is our motto and it is our process. We work with clients to understand their needs and bring their ideas to life. As a small company, our developers often wear more than one hat. We’ve grown beyond the point where we can handle sales as a shared hat, and we are in need of someone with a software background to lead our sales department. Bringing in new customers (on commission) and communicating with them throughout the development process are the focus of this position.

We need a dedicated team member who is both knowledgeable in the workings of software development and able to drive sales. It is important that our clients’ first interactions be with someone who can talk them through the development process and suggest software solutions to their problems. Estimations and prototyping are additional responsibilities. It is even more ideal if our Sales Engineer will be able to handle small issues such as bug fixes. Although this role is primarily focused on sales, we’re currently a five-person company and you can expect to be working on marketing- and account executive-like responsibilities as well (and your commission will reflect that very positively).

Work Duties

  • Drive new sales by seeking out and bringing in new clients

  • Work with our founders to close deals

  • Speak with clients about their project details, goals and timelines

  • Communicate regularly throughout the full client life-cycle

  • Explore new avenues for customer acquisition

  • Create accurate work estimates and simple mock-ups where appropriate

  • Track urgent issues reported by the client to ensure client happiness, including driving them to completion with the dev team. Bonus points for fixing the problem :)

  • May require some occasional travel to meet with high-profile clients

About You

  • Knowledgeable on software development; able to speak, in detail, with clients on all aspects of their project

  • Excellent communication (including written and spoken English) and organizational skills are a necessity

  • Thrive in a dynamic environment where we embrace change

  • Think deeply and enthusiastically about software as a finished product; take pride in your work!

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