IT and DevOps Support



We are looking to hire a DevOps and IT dynamo, someone who loves building apps, managing platforms and supporting our team. We love working together in a connected way and are excited to find someone to help build and support our tech and keep the system moving. This is a part- to full-time position.


  • Maintain and update our internal platforms (Node, Django, Rails)

  • Build new development projects, working with various teams and tools

  • Monitor and manage our production environment and platforms (Heroku, Wordpress)

  • Oversee our development lifecycle, QA, etc.

  • Handle IT support requests (on-boarding, off-boarding, configuration, tool support, device support)


  • Strong experience developing/managing Node, Django and/or Rails applications

  • Strong experience managing a production environment (Heroku, WPEngine)

  • Strong experience managing the product development lifecycle

  • Experience handling realtime support requests from co-workers throughout the day

  • Experience managing tickets to track support requests

  • Great attention to detail and the ability to handle different roles throughout the day


  • 5 or more years experience in back-end web development

  • 2 or more years handling support requests (dev or IT)

  • Highly connectable and open person who is willing to change as an individual and put the bigger vision before themselves

  • Able to work in a family-like environment where relationships and connection are a direct reflection of customer experience

  • Able to maintain agility and flexibility in fast moving environment while staying on task and deadline

  • Able to handle multiple projects in different stages

  • Able to take creative direction and understand the intended outcome

  • Able to effectively communicate your progress to the team

  • Able to work with creatives, managers and non-technical staff

  • Able to work with developers and creatives in regular development cycles

  • Able and willing to work remotely

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