Web Developer



We are looking for someone that loves building webpages. Landing pages, forms, navigation, content and media-heavy pages, you name it! We are excited to bring someone onto our team to help craft the next generation of our mobile and desktop experience and get our courses and content out into the world.


  • Work with simple mockups and turn them into clean, functional HTML/CSS

  • Build the next wave of our public and internal web properties and apps

  • Guide and ensure a first-class mobile experience and guide our web properties into alignment


  • Mastery with writing clean, consistent HTML and CSS

  • Extensive experience with Bootstrap and/or similar frameworks

  • Work with our team to play with metrics and analytics

  • Strong experience in mobile-first responsive design

  • A good design sense when implementing mockups

  • Experience with HTML template languages like Jade, Haml, etc.

  • Fluency with basic jQuery

  • Familiarity with Wordpress

  • Experience working with git, github, and a local development environment

  • Experience working in the product development lifecycle

  • Familiarity with building and testing email templates a major plus


  • 5 or more years experience in web development

  • Highly connectable and open person who is willing to change as an individual and put the bigger vision before themselves

  • Able to work in a family-like environment where relationships and connection are a direct reflection of customer experience

  • Able to maintain agility and flexibility in fast moving environment while staying on task and deadline

  • Able to handle multiple projects in different stages

  • Able to take creative direction and understand the intended outcome

  • Able to effectively communicate your progress to the team

  • Able to work with creatives, managers and non-technical staff

  • Able to work with developers and creatives in regular development cycles

  • Able and willing to work remotely

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