Customer Success Agent [EU,UK,US,AUS]


  • Assist in onboarding and launches for new clients
  • Deploy and configure cloud resources
  • Respond to customer inquiries about our product
  • Participate in on-call response to high priority tickets and incidents
  • Troubleshoot issues pertaining to the infrastructure running customer applications
  • Occasionally attend local or international conferences on behalf of

Must have

  • Extensive experience with web applications of various kinds. PHP, Node.js, and Python applications are especially important to our current business
  • Experience with IaaS solutions, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills: demoing products, explaining value and fielding technical, process and business-related questions
  • Ability to do the job in exquisite written and spoken English
  • Deep understanding of complete, modern hosting stacks
  • Experience with CDNs
  • Knowledge of DNS
  • Understanding of SSL certificates and encryption
  • Ability to use Git

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of Magento Ecommerce, Symfony, Drupal, eZ Platform, or Typo3
  • Relational database skills
  • Public speaking experience
  • Blogging or writing experience
  • Experience as a performing musician, competitive athlete, dancer, actor, scout, sailor, or magician
  • You love to cook
  • Ability to kick ass in Chess or Go
  • A passion for photography, painting, or home brewing beer

We’re a venture capital funded, award-winning team of hard-core hackers who want to revolutionize the way that developers and agencies build and deploy web applications. We’re mostly distributed, but we meet up daily in cyberspace, and occasionally in Paris, France.  We value enthusiasm, team spirit, and a constant desire to expand personal knowledge and contribute to the community. We provide a multi-cultural, casual and balanced work environment. We recently helped launch Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition and the Sensio Cloud on technology.

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