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Join a fast-growing portfolio of consumer digital media properties that total 30M users per month. If you are looking to directly impact revenue, then we want to speak with you. We’re looking for a rock star full-time Growth & Conversion Marketer to lead subscription acquisition, conversion and retention for our,, and Printables properties. Recent monetization improvements have increased company revenue by 100%+ y/y, and we need you to get us to the next level. This full-time role is based remotely and reports to the Chief Revenue Officer & Head of Product Strategy.    

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Acquisition: manage, execute, and analyze paid and non-paid media campaigns for all relevant channels, including web, in-product, search, notifications, and email to meet subscription objectives.

  • Activation: identify value propositions and incorporate into marketing messaging; conduct customer research, incorporate customer feedback, and understand differentiators from competitors.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization: define and analyze all aspects of the conversion funnel (top, middle, and bottom) and identify critical leverage points that will accelerate subscriptions. Shape the user journey and optimize by continually A/B testing messages, audience segments, activation points, landing pages, and checkout experiences. Prioritize roadmaps of growth product features.

  • Subscription Renewals: develop loyalty programs and multi-channel, automated, and personalized nurture & drip campaigns. Counter churn with innovative solutions to customer objections.

  • Execution: collaborate with Design and Engineering teams and oversee end-to-end feature build, QA, and release of growth features. Identify, negotiate and manage agencies and partnerships to support growth objectives.

  • Performance: initiate, track and optimize CPC campaigns with Adwords, Facebook and other partners.

  • Growth: keep the team focused on subscriptions: provide visibility of KPIs (e.g. CPA, LTV, conversion rate, growth rate).

  • Technical: integrate technologies and work with Engineering to resolve technical issues.

What you will need to be successful:

  • 4+ years managing the full lifecycle of online consumer subscription products, such as Netflix, Evernote, Spotify, eHarmony,, Audible, Lynda, or Blue Apron, particularly in a Growth, Demand Generation, or Email Marketing role.

  • Creative person who can express customer-facing messages with clear headlines, relevant images, persuasive copywriting, and natural CTAs on key entry, informational, and transactional pages.

  • Hands-on experience analyzing digital business data to inform decisions and plan strategically, including strong understanding of Analytics, Customer Research, and A/B testing tools.

  • Can build and test high volume entry pages, offer pages and sign-up flows, with focus on improving conversion at each step to maximizing revenue.

  • Growth hacker who can think entrepreneurially, get things done quickly, and own results.

  • Ability to develop a multitude of hypotheses and filter through a prioritization framework.

  • Startup experience, Lean/Agile familiarity, and technical background are a plus.

Why you want this job:

  • The team we’re building - we have a phenomenal team from across the globe and will continue to hire exceptional people that believe in our vision and embody our values.

  • Our progressive working model - the company uses innovative technology and workflow solutions to replace physical offices and face-to-face meetings.

  • The broad exposure you’ll receive - you will own end-to-end subscription acquisition, conversion, and retention.

  • The impact you will have - this role is arguably the most important hire that we’ll make this year.

About LoveToKnow:

LoveToKnow Corporation’s websites comprise one of the largest digital media companies in the US. Our family of lifestyle, educational & outdoor recreation brands provide best-in-class content every month to 30 million unique users and across 100 million page views. The company is 100% telecommuting, in which LoveToKnow’s contributors across the world keep in touch, collaborate and work as a team to get the job done. CEO Howard Love has founded or co-founded over 15 companies, and has invested in over 50 early-stage start-ups including OpenTable (IPO), Trulia (IPO), and HotelTonight. Howard Love is a frequent speaker, and recently published his debut bestselling book ‘The Start-Up J Curve.’ Learn more about LoveToKnow at

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