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robert devenyi

  • Senior PHP Developer / CRM Developer
  • Toronto, Canada
  • May 06, 2019
Telecommute Education - Post Secondary Manufacturing

Personal Summary

Technical Skills

Javascript: Pure Javascript, jQuery, Vue.js, React, AngularJS, Node.js / Express, React.js, Socket.io, Ionic Framework & Phone Gap
PHP Frameworks: Laravel 5.0, CodeIgnitor, SugarCRM, Wordpress, Custom,
PHP Templating: SMARTY, Blade, Twig
Programming Languages: C/C++, Java/J2EE, Visual Basic 6/NET, COBOL
Databases: MySQL, Oracle 8i/12c, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, mSQL, Access, Redis
Development Platforms: UNIX, Linux (CentOS/Fedora), Windows, S/390, Android
Dependency management/Version Control: NPM, Bower, Composer, Git, Subversion, CVS
Development Methodology: MVC, Object Oriented, REST, Agile, Domain Driven Design, Waterfall Model, Full Stack Development

Work Experience

Senior PHP Developer / CRM Developer
May 2013 - Ontario Telemedicine Network

Technologies involved: PHP, jQuery, SugarCRM, Oracle 11, Crystal Reports, Git, SVN
• Designed solutions, implemented new enterprise data model and developed customized code for internal SugarCRM application
• Created a unique API client model layer for SugarCRM utilizing post trigger updates and overriding standard fields to extend CRM framework capabilities
• Implemented data integration connector between SugarCRM and Marketo
• Gathered requirements, consulted stakeholders and developed project plans with various business units
• Analyzed customer product data and built specialized crystal reports written against Oracle 11 database
• Managed CRM version releases through SVN and later Git
• Provided user support, managed licenses and user permission groups
• Helped support creation of data governance framework by providing technical documentation and acting as a subject matter expert on CRMs & data modeling

PHP Developer
Dec 2016 - Aug 2017 Laravel

Technologies involved: PHP, Laravel 5.2, MongoDB, MariaDB, jQuery, Beanstalkd, Forge, Pusher, Git
• Baronbiosys.com is a leading edge Toronto startup focusing on creating products that allow athletes and coaches to monitor, predict and optimize athetic fitness through mathematical modeling of activity data generated through wearable technology.
• Created training planner that allowed a user to create future training events, and see/modify existing activities through interaction with a calendar.
• Cleaned up / documented process for creating a development environment through Laravel forge and other external process. Created development seeder box on digitalocean which allows new developers to clone a development box instance and start working immediately
• Mentored junior developers, provided code reviews and help define best practices
• Fixed existing bugs, create new features, refactored backend & introduced roles allowing coaches and user to act on behalf of another user

AngularJS Developer
May 2015 - Mar 2016 Ontario Telemedicine Network

Technologies involved: AngularJS, HTML 5, CSS, Bootstrap 3.0, Grunt, Karma, Node (NPM), Bower, Git, Jira
• Created new favourites section/directive, first time login preferences modals, video conferencing setting and help link rss reader for top navigation & video bower components for flagship product (personal video conferencing hub)
• Extended automated karma tests, changed existing grunt build scripts, suggested changes to existing git workflow
• Created a standalone Angular app for provisioning of access and services within the CRM. Created a PHP RESTful API interface on top of SugarCRM structured database

PHP Developer/Engineer
Jun 2012 - Apr 2013 ShinyAds.com

Technologies involved: PHP 5.3, Smarty, jQuery, AngularJS, MySQL, Amazon EC2, Git, Asana
• Ad product integration that allowed publisher's to post ad orders directly into SalesForce.com with query/field mapping directly to our data store
• Re-factored the custom php framework and api allowing for PHP 5.4 upgrade
• Changed email system into a centralized class working with objects and using Smarty templates.
• Implemented bcrypt password hashing. Created log removal system to store daily logs in an amazon private bucket. Added the regular expression
statements for over 50 3rd party ad tags. Fixed resizing of animated gifs.

Senior PHP Developer
Dec 2009 - Dec 2012 Sublime Solutions Inc

Technologies involved: PHP 5.2, MySQL, jQuery, VB .NET, SOAP, PostgreSQL, CodeIgniter, Photoshop, REST

Senior PHP Developer
May 2011 - Dec 2012 Wireless Sensor Company

• Created API based website using the CodeIgniter framework that showed real time wireless sensor data transmitted from wireless sensor gateways
• Developed real time wireless sensor map that could use an image from Google Maps based on coordinates or an uploaded background image. Each wireless sensor and/or groups of sensors were movable, clickable, expandable and collapsible within the map.
• Built tagging system that allowed real time updating of any data element through the site from one central location
• Build a login system, account settings (units of measurement / date formats, multilingual abilities, sms notifications). Used REST and SOAP based services for all data retrieval and storage.

Senior PHP Developer
Dec 2009 - May 2011 TruePoker.eu

• Created a business intelligence dashboard with a visual graphing interface and numerous controls for department leaders. Built daily summary tables from large volumes of raw poker player data.
• Created unified reporting portal website for poker affiliates, rakeback players, poker props, and skins using web service based model
• Developed project plan and implemented a new system for an affiliate referral process. Created the PHP & VB .NET components and managed project plan for individual department's implementation.

Senior PHP Developer
Feb 2009 - Sep 2009 Soma Networks

Technologies involved: PHP 5.2, OOP, jQuery, Fedora 9, PostgreSQL, CURL, JSON, REST, MediaWIKI
• Created a decoupled deployable system that manages operating system updates & IP/Device assignments for a handheld computer device operating over WinMAX wireless technology.
• Created two RESTful servers, a public server that handles incoming communication from a handheld device and a private RESTful server that manages data packages and handles configuration management.
• Created thin PHP 5 layer on top of PostgreSQL database and build a command line interface for basic database functionality.
• Build a Web Console in PHP 5 and JQuery that connected to a RESTful server using JSON as the datatype exchange language.
• Created application architecture and API documentation created in MediaWIKI.

Senior Web Developer
Feb 2008 - Sep 2008 NewSportMedia.com

Technologies involved: PHP 4, PHP 5, MySQL (InnoDB, ISAM), Ajax (SAjax), Javascript, Linux, TinyMCE, SOAP

• Project managed Golffusion.com website providing detailed timelines, technical assessments & summaries of tasks, written & oral communication with clients and delgating non-programming tasks to team members.
• Responsible for all programming and development of Golffusion website.
• Created Basketball Canada national team section of website in PHP 5.
• Fixed bugs and issues for LeagueStats.com which provides realtime hockey stats to the AHL, OHL, CHL and WHL websites.
• Created PHP/Ajax schedule tasklist for mobile browsers.
• Agile development with strict budget & timelines.

Aug 2006 - Oct 2007 Canoe.ca

Technologies involved: PHP, Smarty, Oracle (8 & 10), Perl, Cold Fusion, SQL Server, XML, Javascript, Linux, IIS, SOAP

• Maintained the Autonet.ca website, online subscriptions for the Toronto Sun newspaper and Obituariestoday.com
• Provided timeline estimations, technical analysis and functional requirements
• Created stats & reporting tool, promotion finder, AD placement system, interstitial ad pages, Google base XML creator/uploader and revised automatic daily XML importing scripts
• Created strategy and implemented a SEO revision of an enterprise level website
• Scrum/Agile development, fast paced and results oriented

Web Application Developer
Oct 2004 - Dec 2005 ProfessionalReferrals.ca

Technologies involved: PHP, MySQL, SPIP, Javascript
• Created a Lead Referral System that directs incoming mortgage / insurance / financial requests to pre qualifed professional advisors
• Created a dynamic HTML form builder, reward point system, membership system, survey creator, messaging center, email templates, PHP/Javascript calendar, advisor to lead distance rankings (based on Postal Code), Google Maps advisor directory, user tracking, profile/website builder, complete detailed stats with graphing and credit card billing transaction system
• Created CMS that managed all aspects of the system from creating data types to viewing all user communication to changing the advisor ranking formula

Web Application Developer
Jul 2004 - Sep 2005 MaxTheIntern.com

Technologies involved: PHP, MySQL, RSS Feeds, VB 6

• Created RSS indexing feeds from online news sources not offering RSS.
• Created ad removal algorithmns for hundreds of news feeds and mantained existing daily RSS feeds.
• Created an article tracking system that was triggered through a desktop client.
• Removed existing bugs in a VB 6 client application before product distribution.

Web Application Developer
May 2004 - Jul 2004 www.EvolutionVille.com

Technologies involved: PHP, XML, XSL, MVC, MySQL

• Created a Zine Content Management System, Blogger, Support Ticket System
• Helped extend experimental MVC architecture
• Fixed bugs and added improvements on partner website

Web Application Developer
Feb 2003 - May 2004 www.TakingITGlobal.org

Technologies involved: PHP, Smarty Templates, VB/ASP .NET

• Converted TakingITGlobal website from PHP to SMARTY templates
• Trained development staff in SMARTY, PHP, MySQL
• Created a multilingual translation templating system, ecards section, web zine, online project tool, site content search, SMARTY version of vBulletin, 4 PHP content management systems, and 3 external client websites
• Created Microsoft's Partners in Learning global teachers community in VB .NET

Programmer & Help Desk Support
May 2000 - Mar 2001 Clerks IT City of Toronto, Toronto City Hall

Technologies involved: VBA/Visual Basic 6, Access, Filemaker Pro 5

• Assisted in developing an in-house schedule system
• Created the Visual Basic Application code for an Access database
• Modification and updating of a Filemaker Pro 5 database
• Help Desk support for Toronto City Council and mayor's staff
• Inventory assessment and installation of desktop computers

Database Designer
May 1998 - Jul 1998 Six Degrees Personnel, Don Mills, Ontario

Technologies involved: VBA, Access

• Designed a Microsoft access database for client storage and retrieval
• Updated current computer systems and developed a 5 year technology strategy

Ongoing Remote Contracts
• Converted existing PHP 5 site to Laravel 5.0 running under PHP 7 (June 2014 - Present)
• Maintenance of existing site and support for sphider PHP issues, new system development (June 2014 to present)

Trind.ca / Trindusa.com
• Using the existing partially working functionality of the Canadian/USA retail site I changed backend architure / implemented new front end interface. Implemented stripe payment processor (completed September 2015)
• Ongoing maintaince and system development (April 2014 - Present)

CMHA York and South Simcoe
• Ongoing SuiteCRM Development / consulting

Recent Small Contracts/Projects

• Real Estate website - Laravel 5.6, MySQL
• Convert Perl search to PHP file based search - PHP 7, Sqlite
• Optimize speed of laravel website, fix bugs - Laravel
• Track BingID and format into Salesforce record - PHP, Saleforce
• Form validation, Ajax submission, email notification - JQuery, PHP
• Add database and site search - PHP, MySQL
• Connect CentreEdge DB to AgileCRM - PHP, SqlServer Windows Power Shell Scripting
• Webform to FollowUpBoss CRM intregration with Pipl identify check - PHP


Diploma - Computer Programming
Dec 1999 - Dec 2001 Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology