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Sergey Bovyrin

  • Senior JavaScript Developer
  • Czechia
  • May 06, 2019
Telecommute Healthcare - Allied Health

Personal Summary

Hello, I’m 5 years experienced developer and I know how to turn your ideas into working business. I have strong computer science background which helps me to build complex projects from scratch: starting from requirements analysis, architecture designing, code implementation, testing, documentation, deployment and maintenance. I believe that coding is an instrument for solving business problems. Therefore when working on a project I always dive deep into your company’s mission and goals to deliver convenient and useful product for your clients.

Expertise Areas:

  • Understanding Development Lifecycles
  • Designing App Architecture
  • Creating Great UX
  • Performance  and Scalability Optimization
  • Using Data Structures

Soft skills:

  • Understanding customer’s problems
  • Flexibility to try new approaches
  • Creative thinking
  • Flexibility to deal with changing priorities and multi-task.
  • Strive to learn and teach
  • Attention to detail

Hard skills:

  • JavaScript (5 years)
  • CSS (5 years)
  • NodeJS (2 years)
  • HTML (5 years)
  • React/Redux (2 years)
  • MongoDB (2 years)


Also I’m experienced in: Git, Unix Shell, Docker, NPM, Webpack, ESLint, MySQL, Redis,  React-Native, Web-API, JSON, XML, Markdown, PWA, RestAPI, RPC, GraphQL; OOP,  FP, TDD, KISS, DRY, Agile.