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Muhammad Nawaz Sohail

  • Programme Architect-DB
  • Jul 08, 2019
Telecommute Information Technology

Personal Summary

I am energetic and self-motivated. My aim is to be an integral part in the organization's growth utilizing best of my capabilities. I want to achieve my personal and corporate goals and to use the best of my Computer, Analytical, Developmental and Management skills in the challenging work environment.

Work Experience

Programme Architect-DB
Feb 2019 - TRG (Afiniti)

➢ Involved in DB Design and architecture
➢ Responsible for data security and all operations related to data life cycle
➢ Proactively monitor the data subsystems for application performance and availability and take corrective action where needed

Principal Software Engineer-DB
Jul 2017 - Feb 2019 TRG (Afiniti)

➢ Responsible for Installation, Maintenance, performance tuning of organization's database infrastructure and information system.
➢ Managing Database Security and improving database performances.
➢ Implementing database security practices (TDE & Encryption & Decryption etc.)
➢ Manages database resources, including allocation of system storage. Working with the capacity management function, plans for future storage requirements, and prepares cases for additional resources
➢ Responsible for plan, organize, direct, control and monitor the 24/7 database management system to support mission critical databases for financial applications.
➢ Responsible for identifying technology limitations and deficiencies in existing systems and associated processes, procedures and methods.
➢ Experience of working on different large scale distributed systems and managing high end work-loads
➢ Experience of managing the complete projects and all related aspects e.g. Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope has been completely verified and tested to be deployed on Live environment
➢ Practical working experience of different database technologies which includes but are not limited to MySQL, MariaDB, Percona MySQL, MSSSQL, Informix, Oracle, Postgress, Ingres, vectorwise
➢ Practical working experience of NoSQL databases which includes but are not limited to e.g. MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra etc
➢ Working on implementing heterogeneous environment and ensuring data synchronization between different Database plat-forms (MySQL, Postgress, MSSSQL, Oracle, MariaDB etc.)
➢ Performs database re-organization as required to assist performance and ensure maximum up-time of the database
➢ Basic knowledge of kafka

Lead DBA
Sep 2016 - May 2017 Intagleo Systems

➢ Performing pre-requisites for database migration
➢ Finalizing the road-map for migration
➢ Strong knowledge of various migration tools and options for MySQL DB migration.
➢ Experience managing Linux systems with configuration management tools such as Puppetchef, ansible etc.
➢ All aspects of database administration including installation, configuration, upgrades, patching, migration, capacity planning, performance tuning, backup and recovery
➢ Responsible for database administration support for production, development, and test environments to include day-to-day monitoring and maintenance
➢ Implementing HA solutions for MariaDB/MySQL
➢ Extensive experience with database backup, restoration, and migrations.
➢ Technical Trainings and presentation to different teams
➢ Automation of recurring Tasks
➢ Implementation of MySQL Cluster
➢ Experience working with Cloud Base solutions (Amazon, Azure etc).
➢ Experience in using Percona utilities
➢ Installation, configuration and management of hadoop file-system
➢ Exploring NoSQL databases (Redis, Cassandra, Hive, Mongo etc)
➢ Collaborating with development, QA, DevOps and product teams to define requirements, conduct effective planning, and architect the design of optimal database solutions
➢ Manage database security, disaster recovery, and capacity planning.
➢ Monitor and ensure 24x7x365 databases availability and stable operation
➢ Ability to work with developers to troubleshoot and remediate challenging database problems.
➢ Managing and assigning tasks among the team and delegation of responsibilities.

Senior Software Engineer
Jul 2014 - Sep 2016 Database at TRG

➢ All aspects of database administration including installation, configuration, upgrades, patching, migration, capacity planning, performance tuning, backup and recovery
➢ Responsible for database administration support for production, development, and test environments to include day-to-day monitoring and maintenance
➢ Problem investigation and resolution, backup creation and maintenance, MySQL and database optimization and tuning.
➢ Experience of working with Bash/Batch/Perl etc
➢ implementing solutions for database performance monitoring, storage optimization, SQL tuning and configuration management
➢ Perform maintenance, troubleshooting, tuning, optimization, installation, upgrades, backup/recovery, auditing, logging and data migration across multiple data centres and multiple database server architectures/systems
➢ Point in time recovery for MSSQL and MySQL
➢ Experience in Working MSSQL (2005, 2008, 2012) &MySQL 5.5,5.6 and 5.7
➢ Database recoverability including backups, restores, log shipping, mirroring, replication etc.
➢ Monitors databases for optimal performance and act to mitigate blocking and performance tuning issues.
➢ Change management including maintenance of multiple development, test, QA, and production environments. Responsible for deploying approved changes to production
➢ Understanding of, and experience with, server-client computing and relational database environments and extensive experience of batch and power-shell scripting
➢ MSSQL and MySQL High Availability Solutions
➢ Migration from MSSQL to MySQL and from MySQL to MSSSQL
➢ Practical Experience of various OS like Windows and Unix*
➢ SSIS Package Development and deployments
➢ Talend Packages development and deployments.
➢ Basic scripting in python

Senior Software Engineer
Sep 2012 - Jul 2014

Database at i2cinc

➢ Installation and troubleshooting of different databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Vectorwise, Paradox etc).
➢ Performance Tuning of Databases being used in organization
➢ Database and operating system's Monitoring Tools (Xymon, Nagios etc)
➢ Implementation and maintenance of MySQL enterprise Monitoring tool for all MySQL nodes
➢ Working experience of Redhat/Solaris/SunOS/Centos environment
➢ Level-0, Level-1 and Level-2 Backups on MySQL and Informix
➢ Configuring and managing HDR & RSS in Informix
➢ Support for Local& Production Databases related issue
➢ Reviewing User defined routines and Procedures and extensive experience of shell scripting
➢ Database backups and recovery Techniques
➢ Table partitioning and switching in Informix
➢ DB Auditing in Informix
➢ Incidence management and Disaster Recovery.

Jun 2009 - Sep 2012 Allied Bank Pvt

➢ Installation and troubleshooting of MySQL
➢ Database Performance Tuning
➢ Maintenance of Data verification at CDB (Central Database)
➢ Defining standard procedures for migration activities
➢ Application configuration and customizing according to the organization need
➢ Defining scope of an application
➢ Embedding new change objects within the already existing domain
➢ Conducting professional and user end trainings
➢ Strong understanding of application Work Flow
➢ Operational skills at organizational level
➢ Strong understanding of Banking/Financial Systems
➢ Communicating the application bugs to the concerned quarters and timely corrections.
➢ Migrating from one application to another application


Jan 2005 - Jan 2009 Punjab University College Of Information Technology
Jan 2002 - Jan 2004 Govt College Gojra
- Jan 2002 GovtM.C.High School Gojra