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Muhammad Omer

  • Consultant
  • Aug 05, 2019
Telecommute Consultant Engineering Information Technology Professional Services

Personal Summary

Skill Set
Microsoft Technologies and Servers:
Platform: MS .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1, C#, VB 6.0
DB: MSSQL, MSDE, Access, MS Analysis Server
OS: Windows (XP, 2003), WMI, MOM, Scripts
Web Technologies: ASP.NET, CORBA, MS Sharepoint portal server
Enterprise Technologies: MS Biztalk 2004/2006, 2003, MS Identity Integration server (MIIS), Microsoft Active directory, MS UDDI Server, MS Certificate Service, IIS 6.0, Microsoft Azure, WWF, WCF
Integration technologies: MS Host integration server, XML Web services,(WSDL, UDDI, XSD, SOAP), MSMQ, Biztalk messaging, WS Extensions (GXA), Sterling Commerce GIS
Misc.: COM, Infopath, Office Integration, VBA, MS SOAP toolkit, Biztalk Adapter, MS Cryptogrophy API. Visual Source Safe
Other Technologies:
Oracle, Borland JBuilder, MATLAB, Kiel PK51, Franklin 8051 Studio, IAR embedded workbench, Linux, JSP, Apache, Java Beans, X-Kernel, Java iButton, OLAP

Work Experience

Consultant - Papersource
Dec 2009 - Allied Consultants

Designing and implementing their integration strategy integrating their eCommerce systems (Magento, Aptos) to backend systems (SQL, Dynamics GP, WMS and numerous home grown applications).

* Consultant / Architect - Bell
Designed and implemented a high performance big data solution that processed log files generated by telecommunication equipment with real time reporting dashboards. The project involved a Apache Hadoop based solution using Spark, J2EE, LogStash and Apache Kafka

* Developer - Incharge Products
Developed a solution to control Voltronic Solar Power inverter to improve system efficiency and improve backup times for Grid tie inverters. The solution was implemented in Java for the Raspberry Pi and later the Arduino platform.

* Consultant - Matricis
Worked on and Implemented the Matricis ESB framework at SaskEnergy in Canada connecting their Gas Pipeline ticketing system with Oracle CCB

* Architect and Consltant - Cargo Services Far East.
EDI Implementation and lead architect. Worked with BizTalk 2016 to imlemement a new Edi integration with their warehouse management system.

* Architect - ADS Logistics
Technical project manager and lead architect for ADS Logistics (formally TWI logistics). The solution was a B2B Vendor management application connect ADS with two of their vendors in Germany and in the US state department. Integration was done over 5 X12 transactions using BizTalk Server 2010. The source and sink for most of this data was Dynamics NAV

* Lead Architect - Danna Innovations
Integrated Aptos with Peoplesoft across numerous scenarios. We used a combination of Web service calls and Batch file exchanges using BizTalk Server 2010.

* Program Manager - Mflex supply chain integration
Managed the delivery of a series of projects to integrate MFlex (a semi-conductor manufacturer) with one of their customers (apple). The project included implementation of the 850, 855, 856, 810, 846 and 997 transactions for MFlex customers and suppliers. The data was sourced and synced with JD Edwards and various other internal systems.

* Alberta Tubular - Application Integration
Alberta Tubular is an OCTG Pipes Reseller in Alberta Canada. We implemented a series of integration projects over a period of 3 years integrating key aspects of their functional supply chain. The functional areas integrated including finance, inventory, warehousing, logistics and purchasing. The integration happened between Sage ERP X3 and various custom systems and third party Integration hubs like Cortex and ADP using PIDX transactions.

* Director of Technology Consulting
My role at Allied consultants includes developing business relationships and strengthening the sales pipeline for Allied Consultants, overseeing operations, and hands on delivery in project lifecycles. I am also a founder and partner at Allied.

* Lead Architect for Sage Publications
Sage Publication is using BizTalk to integrate CRM/Sales engine to various other internal systems and part of a technology modernization program called OASIS. In the first phase, the order and payment processes were integrated between Siebel and their online web-store (iFactory) along with their fulfillment system (EPICOR). The solution uses BizTalk ESB 2.0 to automate and connect the systems.

* Lead Architect for Gibson and Dunn
The project involved setting up an SSRS based reporting portal for GDC. The project involved creation of solution architecture, deployment architecture and oversight of implementation of key reporting hierarchies in GDC.


* Director - Practice Lead Integration technology
I am currently working as a Director/Practice lead Integration technology at Xavor. I oversee new account development and existing account management for Xavor across a variety of clients and project streams.

* Project Manager (SOA), National Bank of Kuwait
This was an 8 month assignment in Kuwait for the National Bank of Kuwait. My role involved Program management for Xavor and Project management for NBK in an enterprise wide SOA transformation. My role involved delivery of a series of project streams aimed at replacing a 20 year old Core Banking system with a new core banking solution. Service oriented middleware was introduced to mitigate current and future risk. My role included architectural input and responsibility of end to end delivery of all middleware artifacts in the transformation.

* Associate Director - B2B
Currently managing all operations for a group of 8 and am working on building a B2B Strategy for Xavor. Everything from the sales plan, sales execution, lead management, pre sales, delivery and account management for the Integration team.

* Project Manager - SOA implementation at National Bank of Kuwait
Led the implementation division of a SOA program at the National Bank of Kuwait in Kuwait. My job involved coordinating between analysts, operational teams, internal development teams and external vendor coordination. The initiative focused on a long term service oriented approach but was driven by funding from short term project goals. My responsibilities involved both assurance of SOA compliance and achievement of immediate project/business objectives.

* Project Manager BI and Integration
Helped setup and manage the business intelligence and Integration teams within Xavor. The team of 12 consists of 6-7 projects at any given time ranging multiple clients, in multiple countries in a variety of models (onsite consultants, support, offshore development). Last year the group grossed about $1Mn in revenue. I was responsible for ensuring that all projects were completed on time, on budget, with reasonable quality and a high degree of client satisfaction.
In some cases, I was managing the accounts themselves.

* Broadcom, Sterling Commerce B2B.
Project manager for Broadcom's integration with Nokia and a few other of its partners using Rosettanet standards and Sterling Commerce GIS. The multi-million dollar project is in its first phase of implementation due to be completed soon.
My role involved management of the overall account and ensuring delivery and seamless support.

* Virgin Megastores UK
Managed a team of 5 to build, test and deployed a real time polling system at the Virgin stores that integrated their point of sale systems with their legacy mainframe and a datawarehouse. My role involved client facing negotiation and project management along with technical architecture.
Virgin signed a year's worth of further development and support contracts at the conclusion of the project.

* Goal Financial
Managed a project to integrate MS CRM 3.0 to a custom ASP.NET application workflow. A custom adapter to CRM was written and appropriate interfaces exposed as web services. My role was primarily project management.

* Account Management (Virgin Megastores, US)
Work involved managing all technical architecture, financial and product related aspects of the Xavor-Virgin account. My role involved interacting with team leads for project execution, client interaction for project related issues for three ongoing projects and looking for and materializing future business within this account.

* Teradata Migration (Edwards Life Sciences, USA)
Project involved migration of a Teradata based warehouse fed through custom Unisys code to a SQL server based warehouse with BizTalk as the integration broker. The project involved large volume batched message loads and also small real time message synchronization scenarios. My role involved leading a team and direct coordination with the clients in the US. This also involved onsite training for the operations staff.
Tools: BizTalk process orchestration, BizTalk adapter framework, BizTalk pipeline components, SQL Server Analysis services.

* Human Workflow services (Countrywide Home Loans, USA)
Analysis of existing business processes, applications and data operating in certain workflows (Tax collections) within countrywide. A technical design for an implementation using BizTalk HWS was suggested. My work involved only Workflow implementation using BizTalk and identifying interface points with the middleware.
Tools: BizTalk Human workflow services framework, BizTalk process orchestration, BizTalk mapper, C#, MS SQL Server.

* Customer Service Portal Integration (Broadcom, USA)
The project was to integrate different problem reporting systems operating in Broadcom. In the first phase a Customer Service Portal, a web based ASP.NET application was integrated with backend engineering Defect tracking systems running GNATS, an open source tool. The task involved writing a generic adapter for GNATS 4.0 Clients for BizTalk. This enabled an event driven process, that allowed mapping of information between the two systems. I led a team of 5 in this project.
Tools: MS BizTalk adapter framework, BizTalk process orchestration, BizTalk mapper, C#, MS SQL Server, GNATS 4.0, GNATS 3.0.

* Loss Prevention (Virgin Mega, USA)
The project is to create a real time system for data analysis of sales at Virgin's Record stores to prevent (minimize) losses from employee malpractice and theft.
The work involves integration of the Existing Virgin Point of sale architecture (AS/400 based) with Microsoft BizTalk 2004. The data is integrated with other Virgin Information systems using business process orchestrations in BizTalk. Data is collected from these business processes at runtime to populate star schemas. Microsoft Analysis server is then used to perform OLAP analysis of the POS data to verify against business indicators for theft. The OLAP data is then presented using Microsoft Office web components with options to export in Excel desktop. The system handles about half a million records every day.
My work involved design of the IT machinery, and implementation of Caching services, FTP and Business Activity Monitoring Services. Tools include BizTalk, Sharepoint, C# and the in depth view of the .NET framework.
Tools: MS BizTalk, Sharepoint Team Services, C#, MS SQL Server, MS Analysis Server, Office OWC, FTP Protocol level, Microsoft BI portal,

* Usage based billing system:
The project was to devise a mechanism to allow WorldCall (a local cable operator) to bill it's users on the basis of usage rather than a flat monthly charge. The implementation focused no an ASP.NET front allowing users to interact with their usage and provisioning data. Backend data stores were MS-SQL databases. The data was offloaded from the network architecture using WMI and WMI providers for SNMP were used to connect to the instrumentation. The system was delivered in June 2003.
Tools: WMI, MOM, ASP.NET, C#
* Business to Business Exchange,
B2beX is a business exchange portal used by Standard chartered, Hong Kong. My work involved areas of integrated reporting mechanism and their delivery. The tools were entirely java based and involved JReports and integration with Tibco Rendezvous (an integration broker) amongst other things. B2BeX is and has been an ongoing project for the past 5 years at Xavor.
Tools: Java, JReports

Mar 2002 - Sep 2002 Hussfelt Netware

I worked on two modules of a developing product code named CrossForms. Crossforms offered web based form design and workflow management facilities to customers in the local Swedish market. Work involved managed components exposed as XML web services consumed by ASP.NET web forms. Coding was done entirely in C#. The Data store was SQL server for professional version and MSDE for the leaner version.
The presentation layer integrated with a web based workflow engine which was also authored in C# and was exposed as XML web services for interfacing with other ERP systems. The focus of the product was to emphasize localization and customization on a per client basis.
The product concept was presented to SAAB and Ericsson amongst other clients in Dec 2002.
Tools: ASP.NET, SQL Server, XML Web Services, COM

Mar 2000 - Apr 2002 AXA Design

AXA Design is an Austrian firm focusing on Home Automation Devices. One of their products, the T.O.P Infrared repeater was designed and implemented entirely by a team (of three) working under me. The work tasks of embedded platform development in embedded C along with hardware design (Schematics, PCB). The User interface was developed in VB 6.0 for Release 1 and in C# and .NET forms for release 2.0 and 3.0. The data store was a light weight MS Access accessed through ADO.NET datasets. It also features a sophisticated logging module based on the MS Logging Application Block. A communication API was written in C# for the protocol implementation with the hardware. MSCOMM was used a core transport API.
The product has been evolving with customer feedback over the past years and has over 300 customers for the AXA home automation system.

Tools: MSCOMM, VB6, C#, MS Help Workshop, MS Installation Projects

Internal Projects at Xavor
• The Xavor Architect Program:
The program (XAP) enabled senior development resources to continue on a career paths as high valued architects - something typically not available at Xavor or other local firms. This led to Brain Drain and kept the company from aiming at higher valued architectural engagements.
The program included market analysis of typical architectural skills and customized them to Xavor's needs. Once marketability of these skills was tested, a financial incentives program, governance recommendations and training material was put in place to allow individuals to progress on a predefined value path.
Most of the work for the program was done pro bono out of office hours and I have the honor of working with a very motivated set of individuals here at Xavor.

• Enterprise Service Bus initiative (Xavor, Pakistan)
ESB is Xavor's attempt to address the Service Oriented trends in today market. The initiative requires existing and ongoing products to integrate with a bus of services which interact with each other seamlessly in a scalable and maintainable way. The architecture adopts a web services and XML based approach. Work has involved a variety of product and MS architectures, including GXA, Web services, Web service Extensions, UDDI, XSD, XML, XML-A. The initiative is ongoing.
Tools: XML, XML Web services, WSE-Security, WSE Reliability, MS UDDI Server, XML-A., Active Directory, MS Identity Integration Server


Master's in Computer Science - Cumulative
- Jan 2002 Linköping University
Bachelor of Electronics Engineering - Electronics Engineering
- Jan 2001 Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute
- Jan 1997 London University External
- Jan 1995 Cambridge University External