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Md Shohrab Chowdhury

  • Sr. Mobile Developer
  • Edison, NJ, 08817, US
  • Sep 10, 2019
Telecommute Education - Post Secondary Healthcare - Allied Health

Personal Summary

I, Md Shohrab Hossain by Profession. I am 8 years experience iOS application developer basically expert on eCommerce based application and Utility application for iOS platform. I do have experience large scale eCommerce application which has more than 700 store around the world and application users are over million. Beside this I have also experience on develop WEB API service on Java to support different mobile platform (iOS,Android,Windows). Complete 4 full phase iPhone applications that are in App Store.Have experience on design project architecture,express it into UML diagram and writing code for implement design.
I have also participated open source project to participate community.
Worked across Asia, Australia, USA and UK and has experience to work with large software development team.,

I am experience on following

Related to iPhone/iPad:

• IDE: Xcode (UIKit, Foundation, Quartz, CoreData, iAD, MapKit, Push Notification, Social etc)
• External Libraries (RestKit, AFNetworking, JSONKit, ZBar etc)
• Integrate Payment gateway
• Distribute and manage IPA file (TestFlight, Airwatch)
• Backend as service Pair and QuickBlox
• Adaptive Layout, iOS 8 Extensions
• Xcode instrument - Solve memory leakage problem and improve performance of application

• Large scale iPhone and iPad application development
• OO design, Large System design, cCommerce Application design
• Test driven development and unit testing

• Agile (SCRUM)

• Design documentation artifacts in UML

• Source Control (Git, SVN)

• JQuery, Javascript, Html
• Experience in Service oriented Architecture (SOA), JSON, REST
• Project Management tool - JIRA, Active collapse, Assembla

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdshohrab/

Work Experience

Sr. Mobile Developer
Jan 2015 - Verizon Wireless

Successfully develop 4 different projects in official My Verizon application which serve millions of Verizon
URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/my-verizon/id416023011?mt=8

Smart App (iOS):
iOS Developer for Verizon's in-store experience application, 'Smart'. Smart is included in the My Verizon Mobile
application. When the user enters a Verizon Wireless retail store they will receive a welcome notification,
allowing them to automatically check into line, view promotions specific to their current store location,
automatically detect and display product information about products they are standing by (as the user walks
around, the app automatically updates product information in relation to the users location within the store), scan
and pay for accessories without waiting in line, compare devices and products, sign up for workshops and appointments, and many other useful features

MVDActive (iOS & Android)
MVDActive is an end to end solution for Device diagnosis in Verizon customer care. Using this solution a customer
representative able to track device issues within a minute. It will generate reports that sync with the server.

Develop this product from scratch to production having 42 test case, for example, Device storage health, Ram
usage, CPU performance etc. This product used in both retail and Verizon warehouse. MVDActive is reported
saving 12 millions of dollars (combined Android and iOS platform together) for Verizon in 2016 by automatic or semi-automatic test cases. Verizon submitted two utility patents on this product.

Device Health Check (iOS)
Device Health Check (DHC) and Speed Test is a key component in MVM (My Verizon Mobile) application. DHC
fetches device information and let user monitor their phone status. The diagnostics results categories in four
sections: battery, storage usage, performance and connectivity. It has been used both in self-troubleshooting and retail stores. Average 70 thousand calls each day. And it is one of the kind modules among all carrier app.

Speed Test (iOS & Android)
Speed Test is a module used for Verizon Unlimited Customer to test network quality and speed, which can test LTE
network speed and quality and present the test in a very intuitionistic way. It also collects user feedback for business team to analyze the problem and solution for improving customer satisfaction.

Duplicate Photos Cleaner (iOS)
Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an advanced feature added to original DHC for cleaning the identical photos and videos for the user, critical for who has early versions or small storage iPhones. I have implemented the custom
comparing method for image data. It has excellent user feedback and reported used by half a million Verizon
customer a month in the peak period.

Custom DLL (C#, Windows)
Develop custom dll for Verizon Customer care portal to diagnosis device automatically which is the first steps to move from manual to automatic service for customer.

Technical Skill: Objective C, SQLite, XCode, Mac OS & iOS, C#.

iOS Developer
Dec 2011 - May 2014

Evaluated requirements, design UML and writing code to implement feature.
● Successfully developed a complete large-scale iPhone and iPad eCommerce web service application
with 1M+ users, over 3 years (including design of UML diagram, basic architecture and writing code using
Objective C to implement design), with a robust palette of features encompassing a product list and details page, quick shop, barcode capability, product instant buy, online transactions, item quick search,
dynamic home view, and sale/clearance support. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/next-for-iphone- fashion-homeware-shopping/id348364305?mt=8
● Created 4 service based iPhone and iPad applications, with concept to live launch times ranging from 3-
4 months for 2 projects to over 12 months for a 3rd and ongoing development of the 4th.
● Designed an innovative iOS application, utilizing web API service to capture data from the server in JSON
● Worked in close collaboration with the web services team to generate ideas for new applications and to contribute expertise to facilitate development of a JSON structure, which enabled support of multiple
platforms, such as Android, Mobi and iOS.
● Formulated UML for an application to convert business specifications into a Class diagram.
● Writing code based on design


MSc in Professional CS - Management
Dec 2013 - Dec 2015 Maharishi University
Dec 2007 - Dec 2011 Ahsanullah University
Dec 2004 - Dec 2006 A.K High School