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Denisa Palii

  • Flight Attendant
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Aug 15, 2020
Telecommute Administrative / Clerical Aviation Caregiving / Babysitting Customer Service / Call Center Executive Management

Personal Summary

# Having people skills and so• skills at the forefront of my career I am actively pursuing roles that vitally needs these

# I am looking for roles within Training and Coaching, Learning and Development, Management, or HR and Operations

• I have co-founded and grown two startups and have also had roles in 10.000 employee corporations. Each time, I have
found myself loving the challenges as well as learned the importance of coaching and mentoring as part of the growth
process and quality of experience.

• I have qualified and volunteered my time and passion to the domains of coaching, training, facilitation, resilience-
building and stress management techniques within different projects and am committed to growing and developing these
skills as part of my personal life long learning objectives.

• My main strengths are curiosity and love of learning. This is why I was involved in multiple domains such as Events
Management, Banking and Aviation. All people focused roles (support, hospitality, sales) that have enabled me to develop
a cross-functional view and bring out my ability to look creatively at a wide range of challenges.

• Working in international people-oriented roles within the EMEA region, I developed a natural agility for grasping the ins
and outs of diverse contexts and relationships.

• Last but not least as I have worked and studied in numerous countries and am not only bilingual in English and
Romanian but actually multilingual in German, Turkish, French, Italian and Spanish on an intermediate level.

'Processes and skills in interacting over the phone with customers' - Garanti BBVA
'Communication and negotiation skills' - Garanti BBVA Romania
Teachers' Training Course - Cabella International School
Issued Sep 2017 - Expires Sep 2017
'Rock and Water Social Skills' course - Rock and Water Central
Issued Oct 2017 - Expires Oct 2017
Effective Strategies For Coaching Millennials, CCEU 1 - International Coaching Federation
Team and Workgroup Coaching, CCEU 1,5 - International Coaching Federation
Understanding Neurochemistry on a Conversational Intelligence level for Leadership
Development, CCEU 1 - International Coaching Federation
The Future of Leadership: Thriving in A Social Era - International Coaching Federation
Virtualizing Your Conversations - International Coaching Federation
Leadership & Digital Transformation, 1,5 RD - International Coaching Federation
Neuro-Agility and Motivation to Optimize Your Coaching Impact, 1,5 CC - International
Coaching Federation
Denisa Palii -
Systemic Coaching - Delivering Value Beyond the Individual Client, 1,5 RD - International
Coaching Federation
u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future - Presencing Institute
Cross-Cultural Skills for Coaches, RD - Coacharya
From Collective Intelligence to Collective Consciousness - in progress - -
Workshop Facilitation - LinkedIn
Learning Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization - LinkedIn
Using Neuroscience for More Effective L&D - LinkedIn
Finding Your Purpose at Work - LinkedIn

Customer Service • Negotiation • Event Management • Customer Experience • Meditation • Entrepreneurship
• Research and Development (R&D) • Project Coordination • Administrative Assistance • Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Denisa Palii -

Work Experience

Flight Attendant
Oct 2019 - Jun 2020 Europe's Favourite Airline

• Planning and prioritising activities and using time efficiently in a very fast paced, dynamic environment;
• Mastering selling practices while relying on technology (Vpos) and communication tools (Zendesk/ticketing, Fleet Tweet) to achieve desired results;
• Exceeding sales targets, key performance and sales indicators with proven success and recognition on
multiple product lines while having weekly, monthly and quarterly objectives;
• Championing 'on time' client service, passenger safety, assistance and first aid using mainly English language
but also assisting in other Modern Languages.

Education Facilitator
Apr 2016 - Dec 2018 Borotin International Camp & Cabella International School

Planning and delivering a variety of educational and inspirational content having English as a common
• Presenting in public while managing the day to day running of the groups;
• Coordinating and facilitating childrens' activities (forest, zoo, caves, lake, walks in the village, horses, etc.);
• Managing and thinking analytically about all aspects of multi-disciplinary classes/programs;
• Monitoring and assessing students' work within boarding schools with a homeschooling approach to children
from all over the world;
• Teaching preschool children or Social Sciences to class 2, 3, 4 and 5 and Science to class 2 and 3.

Flight Attendant
Nov 2012 - Jan 2015 Qatar Airways

Providing world-class hospitality, developing successful customer relationships and ensuring customer
satisfaction mainly using English Language but also other required languages: TR, SP, FR, IT, GE;
• Adapting to changes in the work environment and managing competing demands in a high-performing
client-facing role;
• Coordinating high volumse of tasks with very tight deadlines;
• Creatively solving situations and following through with customer's feedback maintaining positive client
• Integrating well within global and overachieving teams on a duty to duty basis;
• Being a brand ambassador throught the world: promoting the company's image and services and upholding
high quality and etiquette standards;
• Assuring all safety measures and first aid regulations are applied.

Customer Service Officer
Oct 2008 - Oct 2012 Garanti BBVA

Assessing customer needs, suggesting products & services or providing information and handling individual
communications or financial analysis in Romanian, English or Turkish language via phone/chat;
• Executing financial transactions (card payments, alternative payment options, etc.) according to the bank's
policies and procedures using Enterprise So•ware/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ CRM;
• Responding to retail customers claims, providing information on policies, products, accounts and services
supported by tools from the Microso• Office suite;
• Researching and solving service-related situations with internal departments (internal audit, finance, controlling, etc.) in a fast-paced office environment.
Assistant Manager: Part-time
Innovation Events
Jun 2007 - Sep 2008 (1 year 4 months)
• Working closely with the Managing Director and managing relationships with a variety of internal
• Driving business growth by supporting the MD with day-to-day and strategic initiatives from starting,
planning to growing and closing the business;
• Assisting customers' events from creation and budgeting to development and all the way up to execution and completion;
• Assisting in management of simultaneously running projects, clearly communicating with involved
stakeholders for a delivery according to set deadlines;
• Supporting the CEO and teams to plan, prioritise and execute better;
• Driving excellent customer service, supplier relationships and quality delivery;
• Promoting the agency through internet, magazines, and wedding fairs.


Diploma - Management
Jan 2018 - Jan 2020
High School Diploma - Mathematics and Informatics
Jan 2008 - Jan 2011 The International Computer High School of Bucharest
Jan 2008 - Jan 2008 English medium school