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Erim Erturk

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Apr 02, 2019
Telecommute Engineering Marketing Real Estate

Personal Summary

I am a Software Architect and an senior developer. I have worked as a developer, team leader and architect in 10 plus years of developing applications and frameworks. In last 10 years I have developed web and mobile applications. I have worked for 2 different e-commerce startup in Turkey. Nowadays I am working as remote senior java developer for Up and Running Software. I am working for a blockchain project. It is based on bitcoin and name is PAI project. I am working on restful microservices implementation to communicate with python workers. And also i am working for web wallet and block explorer projects for PAI project.And also I am working for a single sign on server implementation which name is PAI-PASS. it is a greenfield project we are developing it using spring boot framework

Java, Groovy, Scala, Nodejs, Python, JavaScript, Ruby

Web Frameworks

Spring MVC, Grails, JSF, Play!Framework, Rails


MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle, Neo4j, Redis, MongoDB, Couchbase, Rethinkdb

ORM Tools

GORM, Hibernate, Spring Data


Agile Methodologies, Big Data, E-Commerce, Key Value Databases, Functional
Programming, Web Programming, Continuous Integration, Refactoring, Object Oriented
Programming, Graph Databases, Design Patterns, TDD, Clean Code, DevOps

Tools and APIS

Git, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Sonar, Confluence, Jira, Kafka, Spark, AWS, Docker, Solr

Work Experience

Lead Software Engineer
Jul 2012 - Apr 2016 n11.com

I designed and implemented large e-commerce system for Dogus planet using Java,
Spring, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Grails, Scala and JSF for Unix Environments. I managed
a scrum team which has seven members. My and my team's responsibilities are bulk
product import for platform, product detail page, search page. We also designed and developed RtDash project using java, scala, kafka, spark, cassandra and websocket. It is a
real time dashboard for e commerce platform statics monitoring. I designed and implemented Baazar Project which is a grails project. It is an integration application for
marketing websites like Google Merchant center, criteo and some other affiliate marketing
platforms. I designed and implemented CSV generator which is a scala, akka project. It is an integration application for recommendation engine.

Software Engineer
Apr 2015 - Oct 2015 teamed.io

I worked as remote developer for teamed.io. I worked on 2 different open source project.
One of them is Takes which is true object-oriented and immutable Java web framework.
And other one is netbout project. Netbout is a private talks website.

Software Engineer
Nov 2011 - Jul 2012 Aksigorta

Aksigorta is an insurance company. I was working with Java/Spring Technologies. In this
Project i was using Seam, JSF 1.2, IceFaces, Spring, Hibernate, PL/SQL, Oracle. One of the sub project of SAT it was Kasko-Hasar-Hasarsizlik i used Spring, Hibernate, JSF 2.0,
PrimeFaces, Oracle and also for source version control i used GIT. SAT was
transformation project from Oracle Forms to Java.

Software Engineer
Sep 2010 - Nov 2011 Huawei Turkey

I worked for this project almost 14 months. It was about creating a new social network. It
was a research and development project. I implemented user interface parts, contact
server, feed server and android client using java, groovy, spring, mongodb, cassandra. I and one of the our team member, chinese member, we developed contact server together. I
stayed in Shenzhen, China for 4 months to develop SA project.

Software Engineer
Sep 2008 - Nov 2009 Aradiom Tic. Ltd

I used core java.

Junior Software Engineer
May 2008 - Sep 2008 Naryaz Tic. Ltd

I used core java.

Software Architect, Cto
Apr 2016 - tapu.com

I am designing and developing an auction platform for real estate property marketplace.

Tapu.com's platform stack based on java,spring mvc, hibernate, mysql, redis, memcache, rabbitmq, mongodb, neo4j, solr, angularjs and aws services. I am using ec2, rds, s3, cloudfrount as aws services. Tapu.com is a startup project and i joined the team on early stage. I was single developer to design, implement, deploy and monitor the system. But now we are small team which has three member, one frontend developer and one backend developer and me. I am leading this small team and responsible from tapu.com technology decision.

I designed and implemented Future job project which is a java,mongodb project. It is saving tasks for future and process them when time is reached.

I designed and implemented Customer graph project which is a pyhton,neo4j,mysql,mongodb project. It is collecting customer data from system persisted from mysql, mongodb and then persisting to graph database. Business analysts are using graph database to discover new selling opportunities.

Senior Software Engineer
May 2018 - Oben, Up And Running Software

I am participating part time remotely in a Blockchain cryptowallet project which is based on PaiCoin. It is distributed between 15 team members. I am working on 2 different projects simultaneously. One of them is BlockExplorer which is an explorer of blocks between Pai chains. Other is a middleware project between Python workers and java restful endpoints. It is a part of PAI platform project. I am interacting with java 8, spring, mongoDB, WildFly and Json RPC. It is docker based containerized application.

And also I am working for a single sign on server implementation which name is PAI-PASS. it is a greenfield project we are developing it using spring boot framework.


Computer Engineering
Jan 2005 - Jan 2009 Istanbul University