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Remote Worker Roundup

Remote Worker Roundup

Here's a quick spin around the world of remote working.

Home Alone: Communication Advice From A Remote Worker

“Wow. You’re so lucky.” That’s something that’s not necessarily said to me often, but it’s nearly always the response when I tell somebody that I have a career working primarily from home.

If you're not already, someday soon you might be in the same boat (or apartment, condo, house or even self-driving car). After all, if we still have jobs after the artificial intelligence takeover, I think it’s likely that a significant number of them will be home-based, if not at least partially remote.


Remote First

Remote working is being embraced by an ever growing number of employers. But are remote workers experiencing the same quality of communication and opportunity as their office-based colleagues? In many cases, the answer is a resounding no.

So what can be done to improve the situation? My guest this week is Wiktor Schmidt, CEO of Netguru. Netguru has adopted a “remote first” working policy that many other companies could learn from.

Keeping a remote team a team!!

One of the biggest issue that staffing organizations and for that matter any organization faces, in the advent of remote workers, is how to keep and make a remote team a team.

A great leader will find a way to motivate, congratulate, educate and unify a team regardless of remoteness.

Some ways to do this: 

Weekly teleconference meetings, video meetings, milestone emails and congratulations emails for great work. Birthday emails or virtual parties. Virtual games and training. Team building virtual project work and more. 

The key is to remember in today high tech world there are ways to bring a team together, that can allow a great deal of unity. Great leaders will use this to create not a remote team, not a virtual team but a “cyber team” that can come together in cyber space as easily as they can come together in the same place.