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Remote News Roundup

Remote News Roundup

MANAGING REMOTE: How Zenput manages remote (developer) teams. 

Managing distributed developer teams poses an entire set of brand-new challenges never seen before. As a software engineering manager, it’s more likely now than ever before, that you’ll be managing a team where at least some developers work remotely.

As current VP of engineering at Zenput, he has a boatload of experience managing both distributed developer teams and on-site engineering teams. Right now, he’s working on changing the food safety of the world. Prior to that, he was the CTO of Aconex, a publicly-traded construction technology company that was acquired by Oracle in 2018.

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REMOTE ISOLATIONLoneliness and isolation are the largest reported concern amongst remote workers and its effects can go further than affecting just the individual. Some symptoms of isolation include increased stress levels and bad decision making. For an employer, these are concerning characteristics for someone who has crucial responsibility. Unfortunately, being isolated also means these symptoms are difficult for employers to detect.

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7 Ways to Motivate Remote Workers

Even if your workers are located all around the world, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reward and recognize them for the hard work they’ve done! It’s critical to have a recognition system in place for employees who exceed expectations.

The great thing about having a recognition system in place is that it doesn’t have to cost money. While you can purchase gifts or prizes for employees, consider just shouting them out in the company call, or mentioning their performance in a company-wide email. 

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10 High Paying Remote Jobs That Pay 100k+


You may not think that the words “$100,000” and “remote jobs” even go together, but you’d be surprised. What stands out about the list is that these are high-level positions, but they are very diverse. Before we get started, we should note that many of the jobs on the list require an education and multiple years of experience.

Now let’s take a look at the 10 high-paying remote jobs that earn more than $100,000…

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