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What We Have Learned About Remote Working

In today’s world, there is a drastic increase in the number of employees who partly or fully work from home and or abroad. While Covid-19 certainly escalated this trend its possibility is primarily because of the innovative technological progress that we are experiencing. Our team is a remote company comprised of a few team members that daily bring the worlds of remote jobs from across the globe closer to you. 

What swiftly became apparent to many organizations is that employees could be productive and more focused when working remotely and there are many benefits of working from home

We can all agree that working from home and other flexible working arrangements are here to stay. Here is the truth though; working remotely will not suit every employee. Subsequently, we have to continuously challenge how effective working remotely is for our teams. 

Nevertheless, every silver lining has a cloud. Working remotely, for many, seems like a wish coming true but it comes with a few drawbacks that people just tend not to be vocal about. 

For the remote worker, the pros and cons of home-working are the opposite sides of the same coin. Short of a commitment to discipline and self-care, remote employees are at risk of burning out and becoming dispirited. Here are some work from home productivity tips to set yourself up for success.

Zapier articulates that the three elements of a fruitful remote work setup are: team, tools, and process. Since you can’t certainly control other people, focus on controlling your tools and processes. 

There is a great deal of benefits to working remotely but it’s not without its challenges. If you’re able to manage your time properly, like a person in charge, you can leverage this opportunity to its full potential.