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About LaterPay

With LaterPay, we want to change the way people buy and sell digital content on the Internet. Why? Because we believe paying for digital content should be fast, convenient, and fair. And because we think you should be able to buy the exact piece of content you want.

We want to create a great software product that influences and changes the way people use paid content of any kind on the Internet. Consuming paid content should be as easy and convenient as going out to dinner: you are served first, and pay later. We want to build a user-centric product that makes users feel smart. It should represent the simplest, most secure way to buy digital goods. We want to change the way people regard paid content, turning it into a great experience. We want to enable businesses to offer “paid content as a service”, assuring users of their content’s value instead of forcing them to pay before actually getting the content.

What we have

English is our language, Slack is our “office” (though we also rent an office in Munich), GitHub is where we keep our code, and AWS is where our stuff runs (plus some machines in a Munich DC, but we’re winding that down).

We have two engineering teams that work on our core services. We’d like you to be the engineering manager for the Platform team and help the team to prioritise and organise their work.

How we work

As a distributed team, we’re not too bothered by when and where you work. That said, most of us work Monday - Friday from 9ish UTC to 6ish UTC, and ideally you’ll overlap heavily with that.

We try to be as asynchronous as possible, but still feel that we need some “synchronicity” to work well.

  • Based in UTC+4 and want to work “normal hours”? Sure.
  • Based in UTC–8 and want to time-shift your days to overlap with “Team UTC”? If that works for you, sure.
  • Hobbies, family, pets etc. that require you to take time out of your day? Assuming you can maintain a reasonable amount of overlap with the rest of the team, sure.

We care more about what you do and how you work with the rest of the team than we do about your ability to be in a chair at a desk at 9am every day.

What we’re looking for

Good command of written English

Communication is vital, especially as a distributed team where most tools we use don’t communicate tone or body language, so you need to have a good command of written English

Enthusiasm for agile development and people

We want you to be enthusiastic about helping people to achieve their goals, and coaching teams to be awesome. You’ll know the importance of agile processes and ceremonies, and you’ll have ideas about running those remotely.

Understanding the dynamics of a distributed team

We’d like you to have an understanding of the challenges of working in a distributed team, and the challenges that teams have when they’re distributed. Experience of running development teams is essential, and experience of running distributed development teams would be great.


You’ll be responsible for engineering management of the Platform team at LaterPay. We favour agile environments, so you know how different agile methodologies work, and which ones to apply in what situations.

You’ll lead a multidisciplinary team including infrastructure and software engineers. You’ll help them to plan and prioritise their work, improve their processes, and ship code quickly and efficiently.

You’ll work with the team to ensure they work at a sustainable pace that balances quality and speed.

You’ll build your team by taking part in hiring and line management of 5 people, and support your team’s personal and professional development.

You’ll work with the Product Manager and other product representatives to prioritise your backlog of work into small achievable pieces.

You’ll run retrospectives, and ensure that the teams regularly inspect and adapt their processes.


We're accepting applications until 31 March. All screens and interviews will be arranged after the closing date.


60 - 65k EUR / year

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