Ruby on Rails Developer


Become a Rails Developer at Disco

We’re looking for someone to join our small team as a full-time Rails Developer.

> Please note that at the moment, we can only accept applicants with the right to live and work in Australia (although you can be based anywhere while working with us).

What you’ll be doing

  • Working in small (2-3 person) teams to write and maintain Ruby on Rails Shopify applications that directly help our clients achieve success.
  • Collaborating with other developers at Disco to improve our internal frameworks and develop your own programming skills.
  • Using interaction with customers to design and implement new features on Disco’s own publicly-available Shopify applications.
  • Enhancing Disco’s reputation as a leading Shopify agency through community engagement, developing case studies, contributing to open source, and other activities.

Core skills required

  • You’re a communicator, who recognises that developing great products requires teamwork and close collaboration, not just code.
  • You have experience building web applications using Ruby on Rails.
  • You’re curious and like to dive deep into what you’re working on and learn new things.

Skills that are “nice to have”

  • You have had some exposure to Shopify, either as a merchant or as a developer.
  • You have front-end development skills, potentially having worked with things like React and Sass before.
  • You like to share and teach others, as evidenced by (for example) blogging, working on open source projects or speaking at events.
  • You have experience with other web frameworks beyond Rails (eg Django).

Things we don’t need

  • You don’t necessarily have a degree. You could be about to complete your studies or be completely self-taught - we’re more interested in the work you can and want to produce, not a piece of paper.
  • You don’t need to be located in Melbourne! While we’d love to be able to meet you face-to-face, we know that there are great developers in every corner of the globe. However, as you’ll be employed in Australia we do require that you have the right to work here.

What we offer

  • We want you to be comfortable, so we will offer you a competitive salary with leave and benefits (these will vary depending on experience and location);
  • You will have a large degree of creative freedom in how you tackle design and development problems, but we’ll provide you with all the support you need to learn and grow your skills.
  • You can design your own work hours to suit your own needs. Three day weekend? Need the mornings off for daycare dropoff? No problem.
  • We’ll support your professional development however you need, whether it’s with equipment, courses, books or conferences.

You should include these in your application:

  • A cover letter, explaining why you think you’d be a good fit for Disco and what you’d hope to do in your time with us;
  • A description of your work history (whether as a resume or LinkedIn profile);
  • Links to any online profiles you use (GitHub, Twitter, etc).
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